quartz glass /Immersion heater - made of quartz glass in rod form, earthed version

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Immersion heater for laboratory and electroplating technology Advantages: Maximum energy utilization through infrared radiation - the cladding tube is infrared permeable; through heat conduction - the cladding tube made of quartz glass enables particularly good heat transfer. Temperature resistance Since quartz glass has practically no thermal expansion, such immersion heaters are particularly resistant to heat changes. Acid resistance Quartz glass immersion heaters are almost resistant to acids except phosphoric acid above 300 ° C and hydrofluoric acid. They are therefore particularly suitable for the direct heating of chemicals in the laboratory and electroplating technology. electric security The cladding tube made of quartz glass is an excellent electrical insulator - safe contact protection; optimal electrical safety through earthing of the interior. In compliance with EC Directive 89/336 / EEC and EC Directive 73/23 / EEC.