dynamic process scale bakery checkweigher


100 % control of dough in the bakery industry Due to its particularly robust design, the CWPmaxx Bakery checkweigher is ideally suited for use in the hygienically sensitive production environment of the bakery industry. The hygienic design required for this industry is exemplary. The open design facilitates cleaning and minimises product deposits. No or few parts designed to wear a continuous belt, no deflection rollers, and no bearings. A long-lasting drum motor provides reliable propulsion. Optimise your lines' efficiency and increase profits with fill quantity and process control with the CWPmaxx Bakery checkweigher. Normally checkweighing systems can experience hygiene problems due to the overall design. Normally at the point, where in the in feed belt weighing and discharge belts are located. On a normal checkweigher dough will or can drop from the conveyor belt systems and accumulate in the machine. Belts are normally thinner than the conveyor and thus an accumulation can...

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