dynamic process scale hygienic checkweigher


The industry standard for the highest hygienic checkweigher demands with unpacked foodstuffs The CWPmaxx hygienic checkweigher series has a particularly robust construction; it is ideally suited for use in the most difficult industrial wet cleaning environments. The hygienic design particularly required in the production areas within the food industry is exemplary. The CWPmaxx hygienic checkweigher weighs and checks unpack-aged products or open packages. The CWPmaxx is used where intensive wet cleaning occurs and high IP69 protection is required. The open design facilitates easy cleaning and minimises product build up and deposits. CWPmaxx hygienic checkweigher process scales are not only sturdy enough for high-pressure wet cleaning, but they were designed to meet the strict hygienic design requirements of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG): ergonomic, providing the maximum safety for unpack-aged foodstuffs with minimal structural components. Additionally...

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  • dynamic process scale
  • hygienic checkweigher
  • CWPmaxx

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