2-component dispenser ViscoDuo-P 4/4

2-component application / multiple dosing system


2-component dosing solution with optimum installation space design cascadable multiple dosing system with small dosing head distances minimum space requirement in automation systems. The ViscoDuo-P 4/4 2-component dispenser is a valveless, static, space-saving mixing head with dispensers arranged directly in front of the mixer. The EC version dispensers have been specially designed for easy cleaning (Easy-Clean) and checking of the pump interior. No valves are required in the mixing head. The components to be mixed are metered into the static mixing tube purely volumetrically via the dispenser without dead space. Your advantages: - Processing of viscous materials, unfilled as well as very highly filled supply of the medium with only low inlet pressure - Setting the desired mixing ratio by adjusting the speed ratio of the two dispensers - sensors integrated without dead space in each component for online process monitoring - Withdrawal possible

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