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ECHOSORBA stick-on acoustic panels are extremely high performance sound absorption panels. Their lightweight properties and low thickness not only make the panels easy to install but extremely suitable for adhering to a wide range of ceiling and wall surfaces. These sound absorbing panels are used widely in schools, offices, music studios, lecture theatres, multi purpose halls, interview rooms, training areas and cinemas. They meet the requirements of BB93 of the Building Regulations for acoustics in school buildings and are Class 0 fire rated hence meeting the Fire Regulations as well. Acoustic Performance Class A This fixing method results in very high sound absorption especially at low frequencies which is often very difficult to achieve. This product achieves an absorption coefficient of 1.00 (i.e. 100%) even as low as 160 Hz. This provides a very cost effective bass absorber for studios and music rooms at minimal cost. The air gap can be created by using 100mm thick timber...