Almond flour 500g

Almond flour 500g
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Almond flour was formed 100% as a result of grinding blanked, uncommon almonds. It has a characteristic almond taste and is very filling. It contains natural unsaturated fatty acids, a lot of protein, iron and vitamin E and B vitamins. It does not contain gluten. It has low IG and is much less caloric than wheat flour. Almond flour is recommended for people on a gluten -free diet. , 52g - 75%Including saturated fatty acids 3.95g - 20%carbohydrates 18.67g - 7%, including sugars 4.63g - 5%protein 21.4g - 43%fiber 9.9gsól 0.048g & lt; 1%* RWS - reference food value & nbsp; <strong> use </strong> Almond flour is suitable for many dishes, in particular for sweet dishes: pancakes, muffins, waffles, sweet omelets, various types of baking. It can also be an addition to meat bids. Since you can consume it raw, it is a great addition to cocktails, muesli and breakfast flakes. & Nbsp; <strong> Notes </strong> Store in a dry and cool place, in a tightly closed packaging.

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