Chestnut flour 500g

Chestnut flour 500g
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Chestnut flour, of all gluten -free flour, the texture is most like ground wheat. It works great in homemade baking of all kinds, those sweet and salty. The fragrance resembles nuts, and the taste of flour can be felt a light sweet note. It has low fat content and high carbohydrates and proteins, it contains valuable dietary fiber. Chestnut, arises from the grinding of edible chestnuts and is a source of copper, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin from group B. & nbsp; <strong> Composition: </strong> Edible chestnuts & nbsp; <strong> Nutritional values ​​in 100g </strong> Energy value 1563KJ/371kcal - 19% RWS*Fat 3.4g - 5% including saturated fatty acids 0g - 0 %Carbohydrates 70g - 27%including sugars 18g - 20%protein 7g - 14%fiber 16gsól 0.03g & lt; 1%*RWS - reference food value & nbsp; <strong> use </strong> due to a similar structure of chestnut flour can be Successfully replace wheat flour.

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