Millet flour 1000g vivio

Millet flour 1000g vivio
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Millet flour is made of ground millet grains - one of the oldest cereals with many healthy advantages. Proso is a gluten-free and base-forming grain, restores the natural acid-base balance in the body, cleans it, fights free radicals and fungi. The flour is easily digestible, not allergic, has a slightly nutty aftertaste and is cheaper than other products from the "Super Foods" group. It is a source of dietary fiber, magnesium, unsaturated fatty acids, zinc and iron and B vitamins. Millet flour is a real injection of beneficial substances and a solid detox for the body. Millet flour is also a rich source of fiber, which is now widely known as a product supporting slimming, because it regulates the digestive system and positively affects the stabilization of blood glucose levels. All this translates into a feeling of satiety and less craving. - 5%Including saturated fatty acids 0.7g - 4%carbohydrates 72.8g - 28%, including sugars 0g - 0%protein 12.1g - 24%fiber 5.9gsol 0.

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