Aluminum License Plates



Light, durable and corrosion-resistant, pre-painted aluminum sheeting products make an ideal base for aluminum license plate manufacturing for cars. Benefits include minimum burr on edges thanks to superior processing, corrosion resistance ensured by a specialized coating on the reverse side and versatile delivery options from coils and sheets to cut blanks and ready-made license plates, which include rounded corners, embossed edges and a painted finish. The alloy and coating are specifically adapted for government requirements and are delivered in accordance with local regulations. Consistency is also ensured with excellent quality controls and compliance with all regulatory bodies, including EN, DIN, ASTM, BS and ECCA. Lastly, aluminum license plate products provide excellent adhesion qualities for reflective film and other applications thanks to a clean, grease-free surface. Choices include top-coating or pretreatment options, or double-coated for non-reflective plates.

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  • Aluminum License Plates
  • corrosion-resistant
  • pre-painted aluminum sheeting

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