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Our company offers BT series belt dryers from GermanSTELA Laxhuber GmbHand ATSS series from Polish company AMS elektronik. They are equipped with our proprietary control system and are designed for drying shredded biomass, such as sawdust, microchips, straw, etc. They feature a lower temperature of the drying factor than in drum dryers. The drying factor can be hot water with a temperature of up to 90°C, a glycol-based heating fluid with a maximum temperature of 120°C or, just like in drum dryers, hot air, but not exceeding 100°C.The upper temperature limit of the drying agent is imposed by the physical and chemical properties of the belt material. Belt dryers in the BT and ATSS series can achieve a capacity of 2 to 15 t/h.

  • Pneumatic conveyor equipment
  • Dry shredded biomass
  • Belt dryers
  • Dry sawdust, microchips and straw

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