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CSB series
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CSB series drum driers manufactured by our company with a capacity of 2 to 15 t/h are intended for drying chipped biomass, including sawdust, microchips, straw, etc. All models of CSB series drum dryers are adapted to work with heat generators for both wet (humidity up to 55%) and dry biomass (humidity up to 20%). Our dryers are designed with a view to maximally increase the level of safety during their operation which is guaranteed by the significant reduction in the temperature of the drying agent, the application of a flap automatically cutting off the flow of the drying agent to the drum of the dryer and the implementation of a modern fire protection system and an exhaust gas purification system in all dryer models.CSB series drum dryers feature a solid construction and aesthetic design. They work stably and efficiently.

  • Pneumatic conveyor equipment
  • Drum Dryers
  • drying chipped biomass
  • drying sawdust

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