Bitumer Flexigum N1

Hot applied bitumen sealant (HIGHER ELASTICITY)
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Bitumer Flexigum N1 is a bitumen hot applied road sealant is produced from asphalt modified with SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) polymers. The material retains high elasticity even at low temperatures down to -10 °C. The high quality of the base bitumen ensures resistance to UV radiation and a lower degree of filling degradation over time. USAGE: •for use in structural and technological fillings: -expansion joints of asphalt concrete, -cement concrete, SMA mixes (Stone Mastic Asphalt), -in squares, streets, and car parks. •the compound is perfect for sealing joints between asphalt or concrete surfaces and steel elements (manholes), •works well as filling and sealing of damaged seams in asphalt pavements.

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Product characteristics

Application temperature
150°C - 170°C
14 kg cardboard boxes

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80-386 Gdańsk - Poland