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Bitumer HydroBLOCK is ideally suited for: • performing durable seamless waterproofing of roofs and roof terraces. • performing moisture insulation on the exteriors of buildings, • bonding individual layers of roofing felt to each other in multi-layer systems for roofing applications Bitumer HydroBLOCK is distinguished by: • highly elastic hot mass creates a permanent membrane resistant to freeze-thaw cycles after binding, • retains elasticity to a temperature of -15˚C, • provides crack bridging, • high polymer content ensures the creation of a flexible and durable waterproofing membrane, • dry mass content: 100%.

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Our packaged asphalt can be used as a recycler additive. Road contractors also use it to protect technological edges. It is resistant to weather conditions, so that, it perfectly fulfills its role. Bitumer offers asphalt in 200 litre barrels and siliconed cartons 20 kg and a modern solution: bitumen in BIG BAG.A novel approach to bitumen, which makes tranport increasingly easy. Asphalt grade 70/100 is commonly used as: •an additive used in recycling asphalt mixtures, •pouring asphalt-concrete joints, •pouring asphalt-asphalt joints.

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Bitumen-polymer adhesive tape BITUMER TB90 coiled material consisting of petroleum bitumen, polymer and texturing agents. Sealing tape intended for technological sealing in communication construction: • joining asphalt layers made at different times, transverse and longitudinal joining, •combinations of various materials, e.g. asphalt concrete layer with mastic asphalt layer and asphalt layer with external devices in the pavement, e.g. inlets, manholes, manholes and other infrastructure elements embedded in the road surface or limiting them (curbs, drainage elements, rails). Bitumer offers various dimensions of Bitumer TB90 tapes.

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Bitumer Flexigum PU is a one-component bitumen-polyurethane compound that forms a permanently flexible and chemically resistant fastening and stress transfer compound. Bitumer Flexigum PU finds its use in: •for continuous resilient fixing of the rail as a subfloor, •rail fastening compound and as a lagging for the underfloor, •for making permanent and flexible expansion joints between concrete slabs and elements made of steel, •filling the gaps located between the road strip and the rail, •for filling concrete-to-concrete joints •filling joints, gaps, cracks and expansion joints in heavily worked asphalt and concrete pavements ( e.g., curbs on bridges), •filling joints "working" on steel and concrete bridges and other pavements characterized by strong movements.

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Bitumer Sp z o.o. is a manufacturing company focused on producing asphalt materials and providing road repair solutions. The company produces a wide range of asphalt materials, i.e. hot-applied crack fillers Flexigum, cold-applied asphalts, cutback bitumen, bitumen anionic emulsions, bitumen laquers, hot melt bitumen membranes, bitumen hydroinsulations, asphalt solutions and primers, polyurethane dilatation materials. The company bases its values on long-standing cooperation with key customers, expanding its product range from year to year. We are eager to drive dedicated projects and we invite you to cooperate with us!


BITUMER Flexigum PU cold-pouring sealant for dilatation joints

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