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    4CR has set a global benchmark for automotive refinishing since 2004. Across 78 countries and with over 1600 products, we have maintained the same philosophy – to always be available at the right time with the right solution. Four of us founded 4CR close to Hamburg in northern Germany. Today, we are the loyal partner of thousands of automotive painters in over 78 countries and always feel like we're one big family. We have our roots in Germany, where we embraced the values of precision, reliability and pride in our craftsmanship. We offer an impressively comprehensive range of over 1600 products. In 2024, we will be celebrating 20 years on the market, during which we have continuously grown and benefited from your valuable feedback. 4CR's product line for painting and varnishing is the result of our experience combined with your feedback. We would like to thank our partners for this and to warmly welcome you as a new partner of 4CR.



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    The company GLOBAL COMMODITIES TRADING SOLUTIONS - PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, is a Wholesaler, which operates in the Bitumens industry. It also operates in the petrochemical products, bitumen, Aviation lubricants, trading oil, Diesel, lubricant for diesel engines, natural gas, and Diesel fuel industries. It is based in Cergy, France.



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    Welcome to Vesta, your premier global partner for top-notch industrial lubrication solutions. As a leading Turkish manufacturer, we take pride in delivering high-quality lubricants tailored to diverse industries worldwide. Discover our extensive automotive range, including: •Petrol & Light Diesel Engine Oils •Diesel Engine Oils •Two & Four Stroke / Motorcycle Oils •Agricultural & Farm Oils •Transmission Oils •Automotive Gear Oils •Hydraulic Oils •Coolants & Brake Fluids At Vesta, our commitment to performance knows no borders. Beyond delivering exceptional lubricants, our global impact is measured through enduring partnerships and a dedication to crafting high-performance solutions via continuous research and development. Fueled by innovation embedded in our DNA, we specialize in advanced lubricants that anticipate and adapt to the dynamic needs of industries worldwide. At Vesta, innovation is not just a practice; it's our unwavering commitment to setting new global standards of excellence. Explore our diverse industrial lubricant range, including: •Industrial Oils •Industrial Gear Oils •Compressor Oils •Cutting Oils •Multifunctional-Fluids •Biodegradable, Food Grade & Fire Resistant Oils •Greases Choose Vesta as your trusted partner for worldwide lubrication solutions. Join us in turning challenges into opportunities, wherever your operations may lead. Vesta - Elevating Global Industries through Exceptional Lubrication Solutions.



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    The company IMERYS METALCASTING GERMANY GMBH, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the Bitumens industry. It is based in Dortmund, Germany.

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    Donat Trailer is a company that gathered professionals together who have long-term experience in the trailer manufacturing industry. We offer a comprehensive range of Trailers & Semi-Trailers such as: Lowbed Semitrailers, Fuel and Gas Tankers, Tankers for special purposes (bitumen, different chemicals and oil products, food), Dry-bulk Trailers (steel or aluminum), Cement Trailers, Flour Trailers, Standard and Special Dumper Trailers. Our experience, professionalism and engineering abilities make us stronger than our competitors. We are able to manufacture complex and special trailers based on your needs. If you are looking for a reliable partner and supplier, we welcome you to contact us for more information.



    With years of experience and trading with international enterprises, our expertise as a group gathered under the name of Arij to supply our esteemed customers top quality of various mineral and associated products. We are proudly reaching out to our customers in EuroMed region and the world to enhancing our relationship with regards to mining and metal export, supplying standard commodities and on time services. We believe we are in a position to fulfill our commitments with respect and honor. Hereby we, as a trading company are inviting our great customers interested in various types of minerals, metallic and non-metallic as well as semi-finished and finished products who mostly have ample personal intellect and proven business history, to tie up a mutual trade relationship between and certainly believe in the fact that; this interconnection bond will result in prosperity and mutual business profitability.

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    We are Peak Universal Business, your agile source for quality petroleum and petrochemical solutions. Peak Universal Business is a manufacturer and a leading provider of high-quality petrochemicals for industries such as oil and gas, infrastructure, road construction, roofing, waterproofing, industrial coatings, drilling, manufacturing, ink, paints, adhesives, and sealants. Our extensive product lines include multiple categories, including: All grades of bitumen, including penetration bitumen, oxidized bitumen, cutback bitumen, and bitumen emulsion. Wax and paraffin products, including slack wax, petroleum jelly, microcrystalline wax, polyethylene wax, paraffin wax, liquid paraffin, normal paraffin, and paraffin emulsion. Drilling fluid additives, including gilsonite powder, walnut shell, caustic soda, bentonite, barite, calcium chloride, and calcium carbonate. Gilsonite is available as gilsonite powder, gilsonite lumps, and gilsonite ore in different purities and ash contents, including gilsonite 95% (less than 5% ash), gilsonite 90% (less than 10% ash), gilsonite 85% (less than 15% ash), and gilsonite 80% (less than 20% ash). Gilsonite is utilized in various industrial applications, such as drilling and wellbore cementing, ink and paint, adhesives and sealants, etc. Committed to sustainability and peak performance, we ensure the reliable delivery of premium products. We incorporate natural resources to deliver solutions that drive efficiency and profitability.





    Ansar Enarzhi established in 2010 in Turkmenistan, is a supplier and exporter/importer of a wide range of petroleum products, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), fertilizers, sulfur (sulphur) products in different forms, and a variety of polymer products. The company has more than 10 years of operational experience in these sectors in several countries. Over the course of its successful operation, the company's story has continuously been about transitions and progressions. The company's focal operational regions are Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, China, India, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and several European countries. The company currently supplies petroleum products such as Gasoil L-0, 5-62, L-0, 2-62, Gasoline A-80, A-92, A-93, Base Oil Sn-80, Sn-180, Sn-350, Sn-600, Sn- 1200, Hydrated Diesel Fuel, Viscous Petroleum Bitumens, Kerosene, Petroleum Coke, Crude Oil, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Urea fertilizer, granular/lump/slate sulfur, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene. Our company very well understand the need of our clients to good quality products and therefore we put trust, integrity, accountability, and responsibility as our priorities to establish good and successful long-term cooperations, partnerships and business relations with our clients. For a more detailed description and specifications of the product please do not hesitate to contact us.



    The company "Azpolymer" LLC is a supplier of polymer raw materials. Since 2007, our company has been successfully supplying high pressure polyethylene (LDPE), low density polyethylene (HDPE), linear low density polyethylene, and polypropylene to the markets of Ukraine and Russia. Our partners are the largest producers of polyethylene, such as the Sumgayit Production Association "Azerkhimiya" under the Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, "Petkim" Petrokimya Holdinq A.S. of Turetsky Republic, National Petrochemical Co Iran of the Islamic Republic. Sale of polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE), linear polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymers is carried out directly through direct supplies from production plants. We offer polymer products at favorable prices, and our managers will help you determine the choice of the goods. We can buy low-density polyethylene (HDPE), high-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene of any of the types you need. Prices for these polymeric materials will vary depending on the type and quantity of the ordered goods. To order the material you are interested in, you can e-mail or call us on the phone: all the contacts you will find in the relevant section of the site.







    This is to inform you that Nikan West Gilsonite Mining and Trading Company is one of the leading Iranian exporters, traders, and producers of a wide range of products. Our mine, factory, and warehouses are located in (Gilan-e Gharb County, Kermanshah Province, Iran), and the headquarters of our company is located in Tehran, Iran. Our company is currently capable of producing three types of Gilsonite in different sizes according to the customer request. 1- Gilsonite micronized powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and ashes (between zero and 25 percent). 2- Gilsonite lump with ash percentage between Zero and 25. 3- Granulated Gilsonite with a diameter of 30 to 40 meshes. We offer a variety of packaging options based on customer order as follows: 1- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer laminate bags. 2- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer paper bags. 3- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer Sacks. 4- (One-ton) new jumbo bags. All the above products can be wrapped, shrinked, and palletized according to customer request. Good quality and competitive pricing mechanisms have made us a trustworthy international company. We export the above-mentioned products to almost all regions of the world especially the Middle East. Not only do our competitive prices make us a top provider among other exporting companies, but also the organized, rapid, and safe delivery of the products have augmented the quality of our customer service, and hence promoted the level of our customers’ satisfaction.



    we are producer and supplier of high quality petrochemical products these products include paraffin wax, base oil, petroleum jelly, bitumen, hydrocarbon , urae, slack wax and… MPC products are recognized for their quality, performance and technology. "It is important to be one of the oldest factories in producing petrochemical products in Iran." we value responsibility, trust and integrity. This unwavering dedication to quality drives our company culture and will keep us ahead for years to come.



    Zista Group was primary established in 2005 by its founders with backgrounds in industry and management with the aim of empowering Iranian minor and averaged size industries to flourish in international markets. The basic strategy has been to firstly understanding the requirements of international markets to establish a proper foundation for manufacturing, and in second step modifying the state of production in factories and mines to adapt to international standards and requirements. To achieve such goal Zista Group activities has been a combined package of finance, industrial and technical projects with international supply chain solutions to achieve steady exports in 6 different sectors: -Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite) – Upstream investment in mining operations and processing -Petroleum Bitumen (Asphalt Bitumen) – Setting up a medium scale Bitumen refining facility -Oxidized Bitumen – Setting up a small scale Oxidized Bitumen Factory -Foundry Casting – Setting up in house molding and casting facility -Catalytic Converters – Achieving in house technology to produce catalytic converters for Motorcycle and Trucks -Supply Solutions – Trading and logistics set up to handle several Oil, Mineral and Agriculture derivatives Through the past 16 years, we are proud to have an important affect in above mentioned industries in Iran and keep them on a better track to meet international markets;



    BORNIT-Werk Aschenborn GmbH is a traditional company with a history stretching back over 145 years, and is continuously expanding its business operations. The company is based in Zwickau, Germany and is active throughout the German market with a complete range of construction chemical products for protecting and restoring foundations, façades and roofs and a wide variety of products for road construction. The company was preceded by the firm "Zwickauer Dachpappen- und Asphaltfabrik" (founded in 1868 by Alwin Aschenborn), and has developed into a modern medium-sized industrial company over the course of the five family generations since. Following its nationalisation in 1972, whereupon it was renamed to "VEB Bitumen-Chemie Zwickau", BORNIT® became one of the first companies in Saxony to be re-privatised, which took place in 1990. A program of reorganisation and reorientation together with investment totalling in the millions have enabled BORNIT® to become a manufacturer of cutting-edge construction chemical products.



    JSC SEPO NOVUS offersa high quality of any variety of hard and liquid bitumen for shipping: 50/70, 60/70, 70/100, 70/80, 80/100, 100/150, 160/220. Adjustable in the construction and maintenance of roads, airfields and other pave area. Available supply from 20 MT/Month up to 35 000 MT/month. Corresponding to the EU unified requirements BS EN 12591: 2009 and the manufacturer's specifications. Delivery terms & conditions Flexible delivery terms: FOB and/or CIF, or any other as required. Proper package size and type results in significant reduction of delivery costs and loading time.

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    Sunflower oil refined and crude, bottled and bulk Anthracite coal Bitumen Wheat flour Bulk foods and drinks Customized foods and drinks (personalized labels, personalized formulas) for EU destinations only)



    Bakhtar Ghir is owner of a Gilsonite Mine and Blown Bitumen or Oxidized Bitumen in Kermanshah City of Iran. natural asphalt Our products range Gilsonite, bitumen, wax and lubricants, coat, cutbacks, emulsion bitumen, RPO, Blown Bitumen, Blown Asphalt Oxidized Bitumen including penetration bitumen 60/70 and bitumen 80/100, oxidized bitumen like bitumen 115/15 and bitumen 85/25, emulsion bitumen grade bitumen SS1 and cutback bitumen in various ranges like bitumen mc30 and bitumen mc70 and oil base material.Manufacturer of Blown bitumen grades 95/25, 85/25, 90/40, and 115/15, Blown Bitumen, or Blown Asphalt, Wax, Oxidized Bitumen, Lubricants, Penetration, Paving, Waterproofing, RPO, Emulsion, Coat and Cutback. Gilsonite Lamb and Gilsonite powder different mesh. bitumen 60/70 , bitumen 80/100 , bitumen 115/15 , bitumen 85/25 , Producer , Supplier and Manufacturer of Bitumen, Blown Bitumen, or Blown Asphalt, Wax, Oxidized Bitumen, Lubricants, Penetration, Paving, Waterproofing, RPO, Emulsion, Coat and Cutback from Iran . Paraffin wax, Slack wax, Petroleum jelly (Vaseline), White oil, foots oil (residue wax) , vaks , waks , vacs , wachse , snow white waxes Cream or yellow color paraffin wax , candle waxSlack wax Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) Micro crystalline wax Cable jelly Liquid paraffin (white oil) Oxigil , penetration 90/40, 95/25, 90/15. 85/40, 85/35, 85/25, 75/25 natural asphalt , Natural Asphalt , Road bitumen straight asphalt for pavement, cutback bitumen and emulsion bitumen



    Trident Marine supply & services , a leading Valencia based company and are a globally renowned dynamic business entity dealing in petroleum and petrochemical products. we are a committed group of professionals with rich offshore and petrochemical experience . We have been given the permission by the Spain Economic Department to carry on business with various business Activities such as General Trading but not limited to Including Import/Export/Trading of Petroleum and petrochemical Products. -To export, import, purchase, sale, process, packing, produce, distribute, warehousing, swap and transit of all oil, gas and petrochemical products. - -To export, import, purchase, sale, install and up various equipment's of upstream and downstream oil, gas and petrochemical industries. -To invest and participate in projects and companies independently or in partnership with real and legal persons. -To participate in governmental and non-governmental tenders and bids.


    United Kingdom

    Parsco International deliver a wide variety of direct oil products and petroleum products, from diesel and gasoline to bitumen, as well as Oil and Gas industry services and maintenance, from project management, petroleum and petrochemical plants construction to Procurement. On the consulting side, an extensive variety of services are available for any client’s needs from the highly-trained and highly-effective staff, including: • Sourcing and supplying petroleum and chemical products. • Sourcing and supplying equipment and technologies. • Specialized equipment, which can includes items customized for all scales and levels of oil operations, from exploration to production • Engineering needs, which can includes design and strategic planning • Construction expertise, which can includes aid in creating new gas plants and refineries • Environmental efforts, which includes evaluating and assessing possible impact • Overall unit operations • Procurement, which can includes finding and delivering the products and parts as well as the necessary paperwork and processes • Overall project management • General health and safety, which can includes making sure all personnel are properly trained and that all required processes are followed. After years experience in oil and gas industry, we are now involved in Water industry, as well as Environmental projects and technologies, such as waste water treatment, waste steam to energy, gasification system, etc…



    RSO trading company is one of the most leading export companies in Iran in the field of exporting industrial goods, machinery and oil derivatives to the west of Africa and Middle East countries.We service our customer mostly with Asphalt plant, Batching plant, Crusher Plants which are exactly similar to the original ones in Europe and U.S.A.We have installed more than 50 developing projects in foreign countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Gabon, Cameron, Guinea, Equatorial, Ivory Coast, Angola, Congo and etc.Over ten years beneficial working in export has gained us a lead position in this oriented field. We have installed our plants which are similar to its European ones with lower prices and more potentiality.As we always think to our customers, you can request an inspection in accordance with the importing country before loading to countries and vessel.Promptness, quality and after sales services are our motto in our job .Our customer satisfaction is our best propaganda in our job to be extended .This company with so much effort in industrial machinery has been introduced as the best exporter in Qom province.Company’s backgroundWe set many projects such as asphalt plant, crusher plant, batching plant and others in many countries such as: Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, UAE, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameron, Guinea, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Angola, Ivory cost, Liberia, Mali and others countries. our branches in Cameroon and Congo BrazzavilleWe can supply bitumen



    CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP was established in 2002 in Ankara/Türkiye. The first activity area was the international trade. CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP currently carries on the business and production in three sectors mainly: - Defense Industry, - Import and Export of Oil Products and Chemical Raw Materials - Petroleum Equipments - Energy / Electrification - Railway / Subway Construction CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has experienced design team who is able to design and produce the tailored components in accordance with the clients. ​​ CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to re-design or develop the existing components and/or systems in the inventories. ​ CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP has her own branded Oil Storage Tank Automatic Cleaner System. CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP offers to design and construct the oil refineries, oil and NG pipe lines, oil and gas storage stations as EPC and/or BOT. CBIS INTERNATONAL GROUP is able to construct the co-generation and tri-generation systems as turn-key. ​ ​CBIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is able to construct the wind, solar, thermoelectrical and natural gas power plant projects as EPC or BOT with the biggest solution partners.

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    We at, MTF company (www.mtfbitumen.com) , are able to provide all kind of bitumen like Penetration grades, Viscosity grades , Oxidized and PG grades. The manufactured Bitumen is based on Euro spec. We can provide all the required test analysis and certificate. We can do the ductility, Viscosity, Penetration and softening point test report for your consideration. All the provided bitumen are manufactured based on Quality Management system ISO 9001. We guarantee to give you the best quality and competitive price.



    Asia Bitumen company has been established since 2004 and is manufacturer and exporter of bitumen, Oxidized Bitumen and other petroleum products . Our company has ability to produce bitumen based on international standards and technical specifications. The goal of our team include specialists and engineers, emphasizing adherence to organizational commitments. The Quality Control unite of our company will test all of pruduced products with the most stringent and controlled laboratory equipment. And will export standard and high-quality products to our customers around the world. The number of our customers in Asia and the Middle East, Europe and Africa is our greatest asset and warranty. We are supplier of Bitumen , Oxidized Bitumen or Blown Bitumen from Iran. We can supply all grades of Bitumen 60/70, 80/100, 85/100, 50/70, Oxidized Bitumen include Oxidized Bitumen 115/15, Oxidized Bitumen 85/25, Oxidized Bitumen 95/25, Oxidized Bitumen 90/15, Oxidized Bitumen 90/40, … with high quality and competitive prices for more details please have visit from Asiabitumen website and let us to receive your inquiries on our email.



    Falvon is a growing international company, a operating name for (LSBS Corporation) active in oil & gas, agriculture, and automotive sectors with our corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We are delighted to be part of a handful of companies that provide a fine business model where our clients can count on our knowledge, experience, business strategies and the finest customer service. Falvon works with Cars, Chickpeas, Lentils, Mustard and Canary Seeds. Falvon can supply Bitumen and other oil & gas commodities with leading companies. Falvon primarily trades legume, mustard and canary seeds from producers and farmers where possible. We work with a wide range of business such as food and animal feed manufacturers, importers, traders, brokers, and distributors We are exporters and sellers of various grades of Bitumen. The most frequent grades of Bitumen are 60/70, Bitumen 80/100, and Bitumen 85/100 for road construction. Our suppliers can supply in bulk or packaged in steel drums. Falvon is working with car agents and car auctions in Canada and USA. The Automotive sector has become one of our fasting growing division with Falvon having importers, car dealerships, and individuals importing Cars, SUVS, and Pickup Trucks.


    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    La Hemija doo is a company based in Bosnia and Herzegovina operating in the sector of resale, supply, export, import and transportation of chemical materials and all other chemical products. We commit to provide our customers with the different types of products and services supported by our experts in chemical research and industry. Our operational and logistic system is from Italy. La Hemija is created to improve the process of delivery and supply in chemical industry and all other dorms conected to this field. We guarantee high quality chemical products at competitive prices from our established supplier network. Our team is in charge for completing a speedy and simplified process for every customer. PRODUCTS: ACETONE ACETIC ACID BITUMEN ETHYL ACETATE HEXANE METHYL- ACETATE SOLVENTS and all other products upon request



    Qingdao WangTai catalyst co., LTD. (formerly shandong WangTai catalyst factory) is located in Middle Changjiang Road of Qingdao economic development zone in Shandong province, china with production base covering 100, 000 sq. m. It is an internationalized new and high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, industrial production and sales. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, sales and relevant technological service of catalyst, coal chemical appendant, our company is established in 1998.



    Infinity Galaxy, a leading Dubai based company and is a globally renowned dynamic business entity dealing with Petroleum products. The main activity of Infinity Export is exporting Bitumen, Paraffin Wax , Base Oil , RPO , Residue Wax , Petroleum Jelly and … to Middle East Countries, South East Asian, Africa Continent and CIS countries. We are a committed group of professionals with rich commercial experience and the expertise of handling changing market trends. Having experienced professional employee especially in Middle East region whom they are full-trained staff with the latest market knowledge in international business with capacity of supplying more than 40, 000 MT of Bitumen on monthly basis. Infinity Export products cover all types of Bitumen, such as Penetration Grades, Oxidized Bitumen, VG and PG Bitumen Grades based on Incoterms 2010. For further information on our products please refer to our sales department. Our company has a quarterly plan of visiting around the global market to see our valued clients face to face and we are always open to suggestion for possible mutual contracts such as agency contract and distribution contract, wholesaling contract etc. Provided that we find our partner

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