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    GERMANY- Bremen
    NKF DICHTSTOFFE EG - Verified by Europages

    NKF.. the good combination, is based on a moving history: In 1912, Bremen glaziers founded the Norddeutsche Kittfabrik eGmbH and thus laid the foundation for our success today - the manufacture and...

    Supplier of: Silicones | Polymers | silicone sealants and adhesives | butyl sealing strips | sealant guns [+] film adhesives | joint sealing tapes | sealant | glazier's putty | adhesion promoters | putty (sealant) | assembly foam guns | polyurethane assembly foam | silicone sealants, heat-resistant | silicone sealants and adhesives for aquarium construction

    • NKF Cartridge Gun Premium NKF Cartridge Gun Premium Functionality comes first with our cartridge gun
    • Nordsil Ready Nordsil Ready NKF smoothing agent
    • Nordsil PU Cleaner Nordsil PU Cleaner For cleaning PU foam guns and for removal of fresh
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    RUSSIA- Kostroma
    KOSTROMAKROVLYA, LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...and topping roads, and landing strips. All products have passed certification, which confirms their reliability, safety and environmental friendliness. The enterprise produces materials under the officially registered...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | Roofing materials | Raw materials for construction and public works | Tar and asphalt - construction materials | Roadlaying materials [+] petroleum asphalt | bitumen for roads | macadam | bituminous covers | bituminised wall-coverings for residential use indoors | bituminised cladding materials for industrial sites | mastics for construction work | equipment for public roads | supplies for street and highway paving | concrete bridge construction

    • Bituminous mastic Bituminous mastic "StroyMAST", for foundation waterproofing
    • Roofing mastic Roofing mastic “StroyMAST”, bitumen-rubber with reinforcing additives
    • Bitumen primer Bitumen primer “BIMAST”, for preparation of the base
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    RUSSIA- Chernogorsk
    GLINODOBYCHA - Verified by Europages

    GlinoDobycha LLC is part of the BENTONITE COMPANY LTD. — is a managing company of BENTONITE Group of Companies with enterprises, operating mining and processing bentonite clay, along with sale of...

    Supplier of: bentonite waterproofing | Clay and kaolin | Oil - drilling and extraction | Insulation - injection materials | Water purification [+] Raw materials for construction and public works | clay | bentonite | clay-based treatment | production of wines | raw material for cosmetics | biologically active feed additives | well drilling | pets - care products | foundations, walls, roofing

    • GCLS FOR WATERPROOFING GCLS FOR WATERPROOFING Bentonite for civil engineering
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    RUSSIA- Omsk
    RIZOLIN LLC - Verified by Europages

    ...since 2009: self-adhesive waterproofing construction materials and polymer bituminous covers for roofing works. Waterproofing construction products of RIZOLIN are of high strength, longevity, low cost, perfect adhesion to the base,...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing materials for construction work | industrial waterproofing | self-adhesive waterproofing production | Roofing materials [+] Construction Materials | Building materials | Structural work | Roofing - works | bituminous membranes | bituminous covers | sealants for construction work | waterproofing industrial roofs | flat roof waterproofing | acoustic insulation - materials

    • Sealing Tape Fs, As Sealing Tape Fs, As MATERIALS
    • Rizolin Vapor Barrier Rizolin Vapor Barrier MATERIALS
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    ITALY- Nettuno
    DRY WALL SYSTEM - Verified by Europages

    Created in 1979, the company can solve your problems relating to dehumidification, infiltration or water-proofing and it manufactures special pumps for injection of expanding or epoxy silicon and...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing materials for construction work | Water-repellent products | injection packer

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    BELGIUM- Wommelgem
    RESIPLAST - Verified by Europages

    Since 1963, RESIPLAST develops and produces high-performance epoxy, polyurethane, and PMMA synthetic resins to protect and restore buildings, and civil or industrial structures. The large product...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing | Synthetic resins | Epoxy resin | Coatings, putties and sealing products [+] polyurethane | industrial floors | antistatic floors | pmma resin | epoxy coating | polyac | construction chemicals | repair mortar | chemical grouts

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    ITALY- Talsano-Taranto
    COMMERBIT S.R.L. - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | Building materials | construction material | building materials and products | pre-packed concrete

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  • to cooperate for us to able to export our products as wholesale as BMF import export company. You can check our sugar products by clicking products part but if you are interested in our construction products please contact us because we are distributor of mucher than 50 products. These...

    Supplier of: Sugar | chemicals for construction work | liquid sugar | adhesive glues for construction work | insulation

    • Teknomer 200 - Waterproofing Compound Teknomer 200 - Waterproofing Compound 25 kg Kraft bag
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    BELGIUM- Oignies-En-Thierache

    In conjunction with our concrete partner Convergent US, we have been manufacturing and marketing high-technology products for the construction industry for 15 years from our site on the...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | accelerators for concrete and mortars | floor covering | industrial detergents | rubber floor-coverings

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  • STANDART Insulation and Building Materials Inc. has been established in İstanbul-Silivri, 2001 to manufacture polymer bitumen based waterproofing membranes, bitumen based roof membranes with its...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing membranes | industrial waterproofing | undershingles | building roofing

    • Bituminous Membranes- Penguen Series Bituminous Membranes- Penguen Series PENGUEN Serial Waterproofing Membranes are plastomeric type that are the ideal p
    • Bituminous Membranes-Panda Series Bituminous Membranes-Panda Series Our PANDA Series waterproofing membranes are the plastomeric type waterproofing
    • Sim Under Tile Covers Sim Under Tile Covers Sim Under Tile Covers
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  • ...insulation. We will provide with a wide range of products such as : -Tile adhesive (all CE certified and meet European quality) -Joint filler provided in several colors -Acrylic and cement based waterproofing...

    Supplier of: Chemicals - import-export | chemicals for construction work

    • EPSA BUDAWATER STOP EPSA BUDAWATER STOP Cement based /crystalized waterproofing primer
    • EPSA BUDALASTIC -X15 (A+B) EPSA BUDALASTIC -X15 (A+B) Fully elastic waterproofing material
    • EPSA BDAPLASCTIC X7 (A+B) EPSA BDAPLASCTIC X7 (A+B) Semi elastic waterproofing material
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  • Diversified Industrial Company KRZ is one of the most large-scaled producers of roofing and waterproofing materials in Russia, acting on the market for more than 55 years. We offer You...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing membranes | roofing materials | bitumen-coated roof tile | shingle

    • Roll-roofing material Elastoizol Roll-roofing material Elastoizol
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    UKRAINE- Kiev

    We are financially reliable, industrial and trading company, founded by professionals of the construction industry. The active team has been developing innovative products and solutions for the...

    Supplier of: Building materials | building chemicals | tiling adhesive | paints and renders

    Brands : Polimin

    • waterproofing materials waterproofing materials expert solutions in waterproofing
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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    ...plasters and mortars, waterproofing products, grout, thermal insulation systems, tile adhesives and joint fillers, lime and aggregate and is operating its own mines in Turkey. Entegre Harc Company, which was founded for the...

    Supplier of: Additives, cement and mortar | primers | cement mortars | plaster of paris plastering | gypsum

    • SUTOP CIFT TAM ELASTIK SUTOP CIFT TAM ELASTIK SUTOP CIFT TAM ELASTIK Double Component Full Elastic Water Insulation Material
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    Rotafix provide technical advice to Architects and Specifiers looking for in situ repair solutions for historic buildings requiring repairs to their timber frames wthout disturbing the removal of the...

    Supplier of: Glues, adhesives and applicators | conservational restoration | wooden frame repair | adhesive glues for construction work | restoring of cultural heritage

    • Aquachem Liquid Damp Proof Membrane Aquachem Liquid Damp Proof Membrane Rotafix Aquachem Liquid Applied Damp Proof Membrane
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  • Izomas Group of Companies has been continuing its engineering activities by offering technological, economic, environmentalist and long-lasting products and systems to the market in infrastructure...

    Supplier of: Environmental engineering | geosynthetic fabrics | geocompositions | geosynthetic products | geotechnical solutions for ground surfaces

    • Bentoshield MAX LM Bentoshield MAX LM Bentonite Waterproofing System for structures
    • Bentoshield Bentoshield Bentoshield (Geosynthetic Clay Liner)
    • GeoLiner GeoLiner HDPE and LDPE geomembrane
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    TURKEY- Izmit

    Purin Polyurethane is a leading company in construction chemicals in Turkey. We produce Polyurethane Injection Foam, Ston Binder, Rebound Binder, Membrans, Prymer, Cold Molding Elastomer and another...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | Building materials | stone binder | polyurethane injection foam | rebound binder

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    GREECE- Keratea, Athens

    The company TYRBA BROS has been active in the field of plastics since 1958. In 1988 PLASTIKI was founded and staffed with staff fully specialized in the processing of polymeric materials. In recent...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | parking bollards | traffic bollards and islands | waterstops | injection moulding of rubber and plastic

    • waterproofing materials waterproofing materials Waterstops are used to seal construction and expansion joints in water retaining
    • PVC-P - RUBBER- PE-TPV  Waterstops PVC-P - RUBBER- PE-TPV Waterstops Waterstops are used to seal construction and expansion joints in water retaining
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  • BORNIT-Werk Aschenborn GmbH is a traditional company with a history stretching back over 145 years, and is continuously expanding its business operations. The company is based in Zwickau, Germany and...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | Coatings, putties and sealing products | Bitumens | equipment for public roads | bituminous emulsions

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  • Friand Concrete Repair Technology Co., Ltd and Sinocrete Industrial Limited is located in a science and technology city- Hefei, China , specializing in concrete repair and protection products...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | injection packer | concrete repairing waterproofing

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Altrincham

    EAB Associates building and construction products are suitable for roof waterproofing, underground damp-proofing, waterproofing of internal floors and walls, joint sealing and caulking, protection of...

    Supplier of: waterproofing | Building materials, manufacture - machinery and equipment | coatings | foamed concrete

    Brands : EABASSOC

    • EABASSOC RBC Aluminium EABASSOC RBC Aluminium Waterproof Protection for Steel and Asbestos Cement Roofs
    • EABASSOC Spraytec EABASSOC Spraytec Instant Waterproof Coating for rapid application onto large surfaces
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    BULGARIA- Petrich

    ...and production of high quality Waterproofing, Sports / Landscaping, Industrial & Marine products and systems, Land Development, Residential and Commercial Construction and Real Estate Investment. Nimaco is constantly developing, its...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing systems | floor coating | sports - landscaping systems | adhesives elastomers filter resins

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  • Our company is producing Waterproofing Membrane namely IZOTEX® We are mainly producing 4 kinds of membranes: IZOTEX MAXI 250 : Waterproofing membrane that is used under ceramic at bathrooms. IZOTEX...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | concrete waterproofing product | waterproofing membranes | waterproofing materials for construction work | waterproofing

    • IZOTEX MEGA 300 IZOTEX MEGA 300 Concrete Shear Wall Waterproofing Membrane
    • IZOTEX MAXI 280 IZOTEX MAXI 280 Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane (under ceramic)
    • IZOTEX EXTRA 220 IZOTEX EXTRA 220 Terrace & Balcony Waterproofing Membrane
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    UNITED STATES- Santa Fe Springs

    POLYCOAT PRODUCTS has been a leading manufacturer of customized, high performance Polyurea and Polyurethane coatings for over three decades. Our strong leadership, pioneering technology and...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing coatings and systems | high performance polyurethane and polyurea coatings | high performance spray applied coatings | truckbed liners

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  • Our firm's products include Newoline brand corrugated asphalt roofing Our firm's products include calcite (Calcium Carbonate), Our firm's products include epdm membrane, Our firm's products include...

    Supplier of: waterproof | Roofing materials | corrugated asphalt roofing | butyl tape | roof

    • Epdm Membrane Epdm Membrane Epdm membrane waterproof
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    UNITED KINGDOM- St Leonards-On-Sea

    Established in 1978, Siteseal Services has delivered a wide range of specialist waterproofing solutions across the country. The company are proud of their excellent reputation for continually...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | damp proofing | water proofing | concreate repair | foundations

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    TURKEY- Istanbul

    ...In 1984, due to the requirements of growing construction and building sectors of the market we started production of high quality water insulation materials under the brand of uks, at our factory based on in hadimkoy. Primarily, we expanded our range of...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing membrane | chemical construction materials | bitumen primer | elastic liquid membrane

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    The expert team at Peter Cox in London provide Damp Proofing, Dry Rot and Wet Rot treatment, Woodworm services and waterproofing solutions to homeowners, property professionals, public authorities...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | waterproofing | damp proofing | woodworm | wood rot

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    UNITED KINGDOM- Mauchline

    We are specialist flat roofing distributors supplying products throughout the UK and Europe. We specialise in single ply and liquid roofing systems including Firestone Rubbercover EPDM, Liquiflex-Pro...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | firestone epdm | liquid roofing | single ply | rubber roofing

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  • DSS
    UKRAINE- Zaporozhye

    LLC DNEPROSTEKLOSERVIS is one of the Biggest Manufacturer of the Sodium liquid glass and the Sodium silicate. We are ready to offer you the Sodium silicate, module 2, 0 - 3, 5 and the Sodium liquid...

    Supplier of: Waterproofing construction products | sodium silicate | sodium liquid glass | liquid glass | silicate

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