CALIPRI CB20 with integrated CaliBreezeTM Technologie

Precise and repeatable gap and flush measurement on any surface


Specially developed for the conditions in final assembly, the automated optical measuring system CALIPRI CB20 measures gap and flush with the highest precision and repeatability, even on poorly or excessively reflective surfaces. The key to this is the patented CaliBreezeTM technology, which uses a thin layer of condensed water to optimize the optical properties of different surfaces for measurement. After the measurement, which only takes a few seconds, the condensation layer disappears without residue. CALIPRI CB20 integrates two patented technologies: CaliBreezeTM technology and the Calipri principle. The latter is a technology renowned in the industry and already integrated in all other CALIPRI solutions from Nextsense. Thus, the cross-platform measurement specifications allow the comparison of the measurement data of all CALIPRI solutions, which simplifies the optimization of production processes.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • robot
  • profile measurement
  • gap and flush

Product features

Technology CaliBreeze
Technology Calipri
Versions 2-4 robot/ MRK versions

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Calipri CB20 with CaliBreeze technology

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