For more than 35 years, TNC controls from HEIDENHAIN have been proving themselves in daily use on milling, drilling and boring machines, as well as machining centers. While the controls have undergone continuous development during this period, the basic operational technique has remained the same. You will find also these principles implemented in the TNC 640, the HEIDENHAIN contouring control for milling and milling/turning operations: shop-oriented programmability with graphic support, many field-proven cycles and an operational design you'll recognize from other HEIDENHAIN controls. Shop-oriented programming You program conventional milling and drilling operations, and with the TNC 640 also turning operations, yourself at the machine, in plain language dialog—the workshop-oriented programming language from HEIDENHAIN. The TNC 640 provides you with optimum support with practical prompts, questions and expressive graphical aids—for turning operations, too.

Numerical control systems - minicomputers and mainframes
  • cnc
  • control
  • Heidenhain

Product features

Components Computer/TFT/Panel/CC or UEC Contr. Unit
Operating system HEROS 5
Interpolation up to 5 axes
Data interfaces Ethernet; RS-232; USB
Block processing time 0.5 ms

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