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CTS Series | Cogging Test System

System to control and measure Detent Torque, Cogging Torque and Friction Torque


Magtrol’s Cogging Test System is a stand-alone test system designed to control and measure Detent Torque, Cogging Torque and Friction Torque. The test System includes a precision geared motor, a TS Series Torque Sensor integrating a 5 000 pulses encoder. CTS 100 to CTS 102 have a built-in security clutches to avoid system overload by mishandling when not in use. The geared motor drives the MUT (Motor Under Test) at a low speed from 1 to 10 rpm (respectively 8 rpm for CTS 103 and CTS 104), while acquiring its cogging torque related to angle position. The torque measurement covers a range up to 1 N∙m (depending on the selected torque sensor) with an accuracy of ± 0.1 mN∙m (for TS 100 – 50 mN∙m and TS 101 – 100 mN∙m). The executable software controls the system and displays acquired data. It provides accurate peak-to-peak measurement of cogging torque and displays X-Y or polar graphs as well as FFT analysis. ... more information

Precision measuring instruments
  • Coggin test system
  • Cogging torque
  • Cogging measurement

Product features

Torque Detection <1mN∙m ... 1N∙m
Rated torque range 50/100/200/500/1000mN∙m
Accuracy 0.1% of rated torque
Angle Detection 0.018° (5000 Pulse Per Revolution)
Operating speed 1 to (8)10rpm
Operating Direction CW / CCW

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