to dose doughnut dough into silicone moulds
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CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MACHINE -The characteristic of the product, a doughnut with a hole in the centre, requires a distributed dosage in the mould. Each nozzle has a shower-shaped adapter, so that the dose is distributed in the mould. -The dosing nozzles are adapted to the mould dimensions. -Six doughnuts are dosed into each tray. -Smooth conveyor belt on which the silicone trays are manually placed. Guides place the trays in the correct position. -The belt must be kept clean during production, so a scraper is included at the end of the belt to clean any remaining dough. ADVANTAGES -Speed and increase in production, up to six times more. -Uniformity in dosing. -Removable head for complete cleaning and disinfection. We also avoid the staining of the trays and their subsequent cleaning. -The operator places the trays at the beginning of the conveyor and collects them full at the end.

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