Optimize quality assurance of packaged goods with the CWFmaxx modular checkweighing series CWFmaxx modular checkweighing systems are mainly used in food processing companies which have to meticulously clean their systems. The stainless steel housing is suitable for use in hygienic environments. All components are easy to access, so that they can be thoroughly cleaned. The shape is designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt. The CWFmaxx controls the package flow by categorising and sorting goods via freely definable or legally stipulated weight classes. For this purpose the weight is compared with the reference weight stored in the database. Overweight and underweight packages are rejected from the production line via pushers. All recorded production data can be called up in paper form and digitally. The design as with all the checkweighers within the Bizerba range is modular. Modular checkweighing enables you to add further belts and inspection systems to the production line....

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