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KNIP or “knip-boom” is one of the most productive and best-known apple tree training systems for modern, proSLENDER SPINDLE This is the most used training system for modern apple orchards. The trees are wider at the bottom and get narrower towards the top, which gives them a cone-shaped appearance. The side branches also get shorter further up the top. This system is suitable for low-vigour areas, where the required pruning will not result in exaggerated vegetal expansion. Second-year “knip-booms” are the ideal nursery stock when it comes to planting and growing the crops faster, but well feathered first-year stocks with strong lateral branches are also excellent. Opening the branch angles by weighing

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Tree of this variety has weak to medium growth, flowering is mid-season to late, around the same time as Golden Delicious. High, stable yields, good for warmer regions. POLLINATORS: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Fuji FRUIT APPEARANCE: The shape of this variety is spherical and elongated. Skin is smooth, with pronounced lenticels, covered in intense and vivid dark red color on the whole surface of the fruit. Color is striped at the beginning of maturation and gains uniform color as it matures fully. The flesh is crisp and juicy, the taste is sweet and aromatic. FRUIT SIZE: Medium HARVEST: Second half - end of August up to the beginning of September COMMERCIAL USE: Gains coloration very early and fast, uniformity, stability, and excellent yields are a strong side of this variety. Popular as a dessert apple. Suitable for warmer regions and has very good storage capability.

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Trees of this variety have medium growth, flowering in midseason to late, around the same time as Golden Delicious. Characterized by high and stable yields. POLLINATORS: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Fuji FRUIT APPEARANCE: Shape of this variety is conical, flattened. Skin is smooth, non-glossy, entirely covered in intense dark red color. It gains color very early. The flesh is yellow-colored, juicy, very balanced sweetness, low on acidity. FRUIT SIZE: Medium HARVEST: Second half - end of August up to the beginning of September COMMERCIAL USE: Gains coloration very early and fast, stable growth and yields. Possibility of gathering fruits in one stage. Very good storage capability

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Growth of this variety is medium to weak, not a typical spur variety, upright branch growing habit, fast and highly productive variety. So-called half-spur variety forms flower buds also on one-year stems. It is blossoming just before Golden Delicious. POLLINATORS: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Idared FRUIT APPEARANCE: Shape of this variety is oblong, conic, mildly ribbed. Very attractive, uniform, and intense red color on the whole surface of the fruit, with lenticels. The flesh of this variety is juicy, white in color, firm to soft but crisp, and the taste is sweet with almost no acidity. FRUIT SIZE: Medium-large fruit size. HARVEST: Middle to end of September, similar to Golden Delicious. COMMERCIAL USE: Highly productive and great and storage capability. It can be kept in storage for 3 months, in cold storage until Feb

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We at Economic Cooperative are team of experienced professionals, establishing production of fruit trees, ornamental plants, seedlings and propagating material, offering certified and healthy plants. We have a background in dealing with trade, sales, negotiation, documentation, logistics, distribution, and marketing in the Balkan region as well as in the EU, Asian and African markets. We provide our customers with the products they require according to the requested specifications, necessary documentation, together with a skillful service and a personalized approach. Our production is of the highest quality, standardized, and we are implementing the latest technology and know-how in plant growing. Our buyers receive top quality products by international regulations. Our clients are commercial fruit producers, large fruit growers, international wholesalers and distributors, retail trade chains, exporters, individual producers and also a hobby growers. We have vast experience of exporting to more than 30 countries around the world and sales of 5 to 7 million pieces of plants annually. At our packing facilities and warehouses we are storing in the controlled environment, loading and delivering the plants from our cool rooms and cold storage warehouses. We care about our final buyers, relationship and mutual economic benefit of our partners, our aim is to promote and encourage production and processing of fruit as well as raising awareness of our business and living environment



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