FPDigit 13-127 Baltoscope

Digital imaging & Software


Improved reliability in inspections, costs reductions and environment cares are today the major factors driving the selection of Radiographic techniques. Due to the progression of silicon technologies and the level of current electronics, signals processing and transfer are becoming efficient and affordably priced to be used in NDT Industries. Flat panels are a combination of electronic and Silicon technologies which gives a direct conversion media for displaying Radiographic Images instead of using films. Flat panels are basically a two dimension array of detectors which sensitivity is 10 to 100 times greater than conventional films. This helps in reducing exposure time but also gives an extended range of thicknesses with the same use of energy.

  • digital imaging
  • Digital Radiography

Product features

Weight kg 4,3
Housing Aluminium
Receptor Type Amorphous silicon
Conversion screen DRZplus or CsI
Pixel matrix - Total 1536 (h) x 1920 (v) @ 127 μm²
Pixel pitch μm² 127
Spatial resolution lp/mm 3,94
A/D Conversion bits 16
Energy range (standard) kVp 40 - 225
Scan method Progressive
MTF > 48% @ 1 lp/mm (1x1), CsI screen
Fill factor % 57
Standard shielding Shielded for 225 kV X-ray
System Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC / 47 - 63 Hz
Power Dissipation V 15 (typical)
Operating temperature °C 10° to 35°
Storing temperature °C -20° to 70°
Humidity (Operating/storage) % 10 to 90

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