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Filler coating, for smoothing over



TECHNICAL PROPERTIES Primer filler for vertical surfaces or for use on ceilings made from poured concrete or pre-slabs. Decorating filler, for smoothing over. Smooth, matt finish. Odour-free. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE. Solvents : Water. Filler : Calcium carbonates. Additives : Dispersing agent, bactericidal fungicide. Thickeners : Cellulosic, polyacrylates. Binders : Acrylic dispersing agent. Density : 1.86. Dry matter : 75%. TECHNICAL PROPERTIES • Fire classification: A2-S1, d0 SUITABLE SURFACES Interior : ideal for covering bricks, brick tiles, cement breeze blocks, cinder blocks, de-bubbling pre-slabs, shuttered concrete, aerated concrete, for redecorating stippled walls or old damaged surfaces. APPLICATION. • The first coat should be levelled out using 60 cm scraper or skimmed with a rule. • After drying, the second coat should be smoothed with a scraper. • After allowing to set slightly, squeeze the filler at a slight angle using a clean scraper.

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