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Levelling filler for concrete, bricks, concrete blocks



TECHNICAL DEFINITION Levelling filler for vertical substrates and for use on ceilings for poured concrete or pre-cast slabs. Ideal for the preparation of pre-cast slabs, formwork concrete and for the renovation of textured finishes or fibreglass with a paint finish. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Dry extract : 75% • Density : 1.86 • VOC content : less than 1g/l COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Water, calcium carbonate, dispersant, bactericide, fungicide, cellulosic fibres, polyacrylates, clays, acrylic dispersant. AMOUNT REQUIRED From 2 to 4 kg for the first coat. From 1.5 to 2 kg for the second coat. APPLICATION SEMIN AIRLESS EXTREM filler is sprayed using the Airless pump or rotor machine/Flat spray stator in 2 coats. The first coat must be levelled using a 60 cm blade or levelled with a straight edge. After drying, the second coat must be smoothed using a blade.

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