TECHNICAL DEFINITION SEMIN AIRLESS 3 IN 1 is an indoor filler that can be used as an Airless spray. It provides an even appeareance without smoothing, has great coverage and a deep matt finish. It combines 3 actions : underlayer, filler and finish. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Acrylic emulsion resin, mineral content, cellulose derivates, preservation agent and other additives. The resulting paste is a bright white colour and its consistency is adapted to its airless application. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Dry extract : 68% • Density : 1,76 • COV : <1g/l APPLICATION SEMIN AIRLESSS 3 IN 1 can be sprayed with all kinds of Airless machines adapted to srpraying coatings. Recommended nozzle : 627. For optimum results, we recommend following this method : • Spray a first layer of the coating about 300 to 400 g/m2, to show up the defects on the surface. Spray at a distance of about 80 cm from the relevant surface • Check over the surface carrefully

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