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Fine coating for spraying airless projection



TECHNICAL DEFINITION SEMIN AIRLESS is an interior finishing coating designed for Airless projection. It is ideally suited to the preparation of pre-slabs, walled concrete and plasterboards before painting. COMPOSITION AND APPEARANCE Emulsion acrylic resin, mineral filler, cellulose derivatives, conservation agent and various additives. ACCEPTED SUBSTRATES • Pasterboard • Filling coatings • Old paintwork • Smoothed concrete • Plaster blocks SUITABLE SURFACES SEMIN AIRLESS can be covered with any acrylic or oil-based paint. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS • Dry matter: 72% • Density: 1.6 PREPARATION OF SURFACES BEFORE APPLICATION The substrate must comply with DTU 59.1, i.e. be clean, dry, free of dust and of any trace of stripping oil. Plasterboard must be primed. APPLICATION SEMIN AIRLESS can be projected with any type of Airless type 695, 795 or Mark 5 machine, fitted with an Airless tremie and a size 21, 23 or 41 nozzle.

Coatings, insulating
  • Plasters and sealants
  • plaster
  • Finishing plaster

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