New high pressure pet range of compressors See our brochure Higher performance Model Capacity FAD m3/h Capacity CFM Motor Power kW L4 790 465 132 L4A 960 565 160 L5 1200 706 200 L5A 1500 883 250 L6 1760 1036 280 L6A 1940 1142 315 L6B 2170 1277 355 Capacity FAD, Free Air Delivery according to ISO 1217. 20 -40 bar nominal pressure, equipment up to 44 bar. Air quality according to ISO 8573-1 2.4.1 See our certifications. New design and development Increased internal volume in the interconnecting pipework with reduced pulsation losses. New separator and intercooler design, increased efficiency. New piston / Cylinder assemblies with reduced losses. New piston rings with optimized design, increased output capacity. Optimized package and coating, integrated equipements; drains, oil cooler… More volume for same power Increased High Pressure air capacity FAD. Decreased specific shaft power. Technical modification without prior notice.

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