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Cabbages are vegetables with a high nutritional potential, in addition to the main minerals (calcium, copper, iron, potassium, sulfur), they contain a high concentration of provitamin A, vitamin B3, B6, B9, C, and K. They are known to contain potentially protective antioxidant substances (sulfurophanes), which help to stop the spread of carcinogenesis. As their composition is rich in fibers, they help with the regulation of intestinal transit. Rich in chlorophyll, with remineralizing and bloodpurifying and antianemic properties (due to the presence of copper along with chlorophyll that favors the assimilation of iron). Store in a chilled environment.

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Nutritional value and medicinal properties Cabbages stand out among other vegetables because they contain vitamin A1 (retinol) and B2 (riboflavin), as well calcium and iron, which are minerals. They relieve constipation (to relieve constipation, you should consume dishes with boiled cabbage). They help to avoid bad moods (a few raw or cooked cabbage leaves should be consumed before a heavy meal).; They help with cuts and wounds (for fast healing, apply a fresh cabbage leaf to the wound).;

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Beetroot is a root used in cooking that can be consumed in natura, or in the form of soups, juices, preserves or many other options. With a sweet taste, beetroot has a high concentration of carbohydrates. Beetroot is rich in vitamin A, which helps us to see better, as well as B complex vitamins, which are important for the immune system, including folic acid, which is related to good fetal formation, and vitamin C, which has an antioxidant action and performance, which is beneficial for the immune system.

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Turnips belong to the family of crucifers which contain substances with strong antioxidant powers. They have a white or purplish hue, with a curved shape, and can be consumed raw or cooked. They are a food type with a high percentage of water, and a low caloric value, which is why they are good option to include in a weight control diet. They are rich in vitamin C (containing about 15% of the recommended daily allowance for adults), B complex vitamins and minerals such as calcium, sulfur, potassium and copper. They are also very rich in fiber, helping to reduce appetite and regulate intestinal transit. They can be kept in the fridge, in perforated packing, for a month.

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The year was 1953 and the young Manuel Jorge Gomes was finishing elementary school when he inherited the first lands that are today part of the several properties of Hortícolas Casal D'Avó. In the beginning he produced wheat, barley and corn, later moving on to turnips, which had great demand in the Ribeira market in Lisbon. Nowadays Hortícolas Casal D'Avó produces 10 varieties of high quality fruits and vegetables to satisfy the needs of its various clients. Located in Ribatejo, more precisely in the municipality of Torres Novas, Hortícolas Casal D'Avó is today being managed by Mr. Manuel Jorge Gomes and his 5 children who accompanied their parents in the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. In 2010 the sales volume exceeded 1 million Euros, which in turn has been increasing until today, approaching the 3 million in 2021. All thanks to the commitment and dedication of the Gomes family and its employees, who already cultivate more than 450 Hectares and continue to expand with future acquisitions. To ensure that the products reach the final customer with the highest level of quality and freshness, Hortícolas Casal D'Avó also has a range of agricultural equipment ranging from tractors to machines for washing and grading the products. It has a cold storage capacity of 250 m2 and a new warehouse of 1800 m2 located in Golegã, which is close to its production area.


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Casal d'Avó - Vale Carvão n°10


2350-599 Torres Novas - Portugal


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