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Heat Exchangers


Gas heater / heat exchanger is an apparatus (device) in which the heat is delivered (performed transition) from one medium to another. They can be made so that the media are touching each other and are separated by a partition, the pipe wall, etc. that prevent their direct contact. Heat exchange surface is derived from the tube so these heat exchangers are called tubular heat exchangers. Depending on which process is primary, i.e. whether we want the main medium heated or cooled, heat exchangers are divided into heaters and refrigerators. The materials used for the production of heat exchangers are usually steel. Can be non alloyed, low alloyed, high alloyed steel and cast steel. Pipes for producing heat exchanger is made of aluminum and its alloys, copper and its alloys as well as carbon, low alloy and high alloy steel. Gas heater / heat exchanger is protected with anti-corrosive influence of surface corrosion, aggressive influence of the atmosphere, condensation, etc.

Gas - production and distribution
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