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ISONEM MS 20 is a specially produced plaster to ensure the treatment of humid and salt damaged walls. The walls absorb the water involving various salts such as the carbonate, sulphate and nitrate existing in the soil during the weather conditions at the seasons through the capillary canals and gaps. Then, such waters absorbed from the soil vaporize and the rest is seen as the humid occurrence and accumulated salts on the walls, in the course of time, such salts accumulate on the wall and inside the plaster so when they re-contact with the humid, they damage walls. To solve such problem, ISONEM MS 20 Capillary Plaster is used it ensures the water to be vaporized quickly without leaving any humid mark. ISONEM MS 20 has the micro spaces enabling to store the salts as well as to prevent the expansion. Thanks to such spaces, it is prevented the salts to damage the plaster and the paint. ISONEM MS 20 has the hydrophobic structure.