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Kda Compact Cleaning Plant For Water Based Media


The compact KDA tunnel units cater for high throughput rates combined with excellent cleaning and drying. They have been designed for the treatment of parts of many different geometries and sizes. The KDA is available with belts of various widths (200/500/650 mm) and a range of features and accessories to cater for many different cleaning tasks. The KDA is available as 1, 2 and 3bath unit. Cleaning with aqueous media (acidic, neutral or alkaline) Spray cleaning unit for wide range of parts High throughput rate Compact, durable design Available as 1, 2 and 3bath unit with loading of the unit via Robot loading Manualm loading Construction side conveyor technology

Cleaning machines, industrial
  • Kda Tunnel
  • Aqueous Kda
  • Compact Machining

Product features

Application Industry suppliers; cutting/non-cutting machining; casting plants
Suitable for Single parts, bulk material; parts on carriers/racks
Tunnel Conveyor belt width 200 mm, 500 mm, 650 mm
Weight bis 40 kg/m, höhere Gewichte auf Anfrage

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