The JET2neoS was developed specifically for smaller fonts and higher production speeds. The JET2neoS is equipped with all the advantages of the JET2neo series but features a smaller 60µ nozzle. This allows the CIJ printer to print considerably faster and finer than the JET2neo. The JET2neoS is tried-and-tested in the industrial marking of extrusion parts, food and drink packaging and plastics, among other uses. With the automatic nozzle seal "Sealtronic" in the JET2neoS, LEIBINGER can guarantee that the ink does not dry, even after long-term shut-downs. When production stops, the gutter and the nozzle form an airtight circuit: No ink may leak from the circulation and no air can come in. Even after long downtimes LEIBINGER inkjet printers are ready to print within a minute – without cleaning cycles.

Marking - diverse products
  • Industrial Inkjet printer
  • small character inket printer
  • marking system

Product features

Printing height 1.2 to 12 mm, 0.05 - 0.47“
Characters/second 2,666
Fonts from 5x5 to 24x18 dots, special fonts...
Multi-line fonts 1 to 3 lines
Available menu languages European languages, Arabic, Chinese etc.
Protection class IP 54
Accessories Product detector, shaft encoders etc.
Ink colors black, yellow, red, blue etc.

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