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SpeedCore is a newly developed substrate for hobs. The increased hot hardness of the intermetallic cutting material allows for cutting speeds of at least 30 % higher compared with HSSPM4/ 14 hobs, resulting in shorter production times without sacrificing tool live and ocmplies with the demand of customers for easy handling and easier recycling. Combining the new SpeedCore substrate with a custom coating achieves top performance with easy implementation and high reliability. Advantages - Improved productivity of up to 70 % - Process reliability (like HSS-PM) - Easy to implement; also on older or unstable machines - Regrinding and coating possible without problems

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With the DHC Premium solid carbide end mills, LMT Tools significantly increased the performance of the low-vibration premium tools: 25 % added machining volume is the result of different helix angles in connection with newly developed, stable front cutting edges and peripheral teeth. Additionally, the new cutting material LCPK30M including an innovative PVD high-performance coating contributes to an improved tool life and a safe chip removal. A special performance feature of the DHC Premium end mill (Different Helix Cutter) by LMT Fette consists in its multifunctionality: it allows the user to rough and finish with the same tool. It can also produce narrow projections and up to 2xd-deep slots in steel and cast materials with exceptional surface quality. Advantages: - Increase of the machining volume by 25 % - Increased process reliability due to stable cutting edges - Multifunctional – roughing and finishing with the same tool

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After chamfering with the ChamferCut technology, no additional processing is necessary. No need for a second cut, often required during the deformation-based deburring process for the removal of material build up. With the chamfering process, the exact chamfer form is cut. In contrast to deformation-based processes, the material structure is not affected. Thus, there is no negative impact on finishing after heat treatment (e. g. honing). The precision of this LMT Fette engineered process is undisputed. The quality of such chamfers defines a new standard – with maximum repetitive accuracy. The combination of these process benefits along with low tool costs makes the ChamferCut the most economic deburring and chamfering process on the market. Advantages: - 100% chamfer quality - Chamfer correction possible via machine control - High efficiency - Simple, cost-effective reconditioning - Module range 0.8 – 42

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LMT Fette rolling heads generate the thread or required form and then open automatically after rolling. Before the next thread can be rolled the head has to be put back into working position, means the head must be closed. The completely new designed closing clip, delivered as standard, already allows an flexible and user friendly layout of the process for closing the rolling head. Another significant optimization of the closing process can be realized with the new closing device (CCD) for EVOline. Adapted between rolling head and shank and connected with the coolant supply, closing of the rolling head can be transferred from process time to the non-productive time of the machine. Closing by coolant (or even compressed air) can be integrated in the machine program by a simple function.

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LMT Tools brings together the expertise of leading specialists in precision tool technology. Their combined strengths enable LMT Tools to develop and deliver state-of-the-art tool solutions worldwide for the industrial processing of modern production materials, such as metals, plastics and composites. Its offering includes precision tools and cutting materials for a diverse range of cutting and forming applications as well as services in the areas of tool reconditioning and tool management. The LMT Tools Group consists of the manufacturing companies LMT Belin, LMT Fette, LMT Kieninger and LMT Onsrud, as well as a globally active sales company.

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Product launch ・ 21 Sept 2017

Das High Performance Forming (HPF) von LMT Fette hat sich am Markt etabliert. Die Kombination aus dem Hartmetallgewindekopf und dem Stahlschaft garantiert bei diesem System prozesssichere Anwendungen. Ziel des neuen Produktes HPF Max war es, die Standzeit drastisch zu erhöhen. Erreicht wird das durch ein neues Feinstkorn-Hartmetallsubstrat, die besonders verschleißfeste Beschichtung TiCN und die optimierte Formergeometrie. Zum Beispiel konnte bei der Fertigung von Grundlochgewinden MF 12 x 1,5 in Pleuel aus dem Material C70, mit einer Formgeschwindigkeit von 20 m/min die Standmenge im Vergleich zu einem einteiligen Vollhartmetall-Gewindeformer um 166 Prozent gesteigert werden. Das Einsatzgebiet des HPF Max liegt in der Serienfertigung.


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