The portable, mobile ultra fine filter system M 121 was especially created for small units and those difficult to access. With the help of this robust design oil changes and the risk of spontaneous breakdowns can significantly be reduced. By using our cost-effective 61 filter elements, high oil purity and the elimination of water in oil is guaranteed, despite low investment costs. As the M 121 is portable, and driven by a 230 V- asynchronous motor, it is the optimal tool for flexible service work. 230 V asynchronous motor, contactless Stable gear pump Manometer for flow- and element control 24/7 – unattended operation Variable pressure regulation Transfer-circuit Flow regulation for high viscosity oils Including 1.5 meter flow-/return hose Easy operation: „plug & clean“

Oil filters
  • oil Filter
  • Mobile ultra fine filter system
  • filter elements
  • oil Particle filtration
  • high viscosity oils
  • stable gear pump
  • asynchronous-motor
  • cost-effective


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