Odour neutraliser - Smell Away - automotive

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Smell Away is a odour neutraliser that is especially suited to vehicle interiors, where the single-use aerosol can releases its contents automatically after activation. The interior becomes foggy as Smell Away diffuses to every corner of the vehicle. No ozone device necessary Odour remover diffuses completely A high concentration of active ingredients A good value single-use aerosol can Very fast-working Can be used in more than one vehicle simultaneously No poisonous gases No residue left in the vehicle Fields of application All types of motor vehicle and interior spaces. Usage Always shake well before use! Close all the windows and place the can upright in the passenger seat footwell, not under the dashboard! Press the spray nozzle until it locks down, then immediately close all the doors from the outside. Wait at least 30 minutes, then open all the doors and leave the vehicle to aerate thoroughly for a further 10 minutes. Batch quantity/Packaging units Batch quantity: 75ml...