Special cleaner for throttles in fuel-injection - automotive

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A special cleaner for throttles in fuel-injection systems and carburettors. When oil encrustations build up, throttles become misaligned. This is caused by the evaporation of oil and fuel, and can cause incorrect exhaust emissions to develop. Cleaning with Blast it! restores the default position of the throttles and gives you optimal exhaust control. Fields of application Suitable for throttles, intake manifolds and exhaust gas recycling ventilators of all petrol and diesel engines. Usage Remove the throttle, insert the extension tube into Blast it!’s spray nozzle and shake the can well. Then spray onto dirty areas. Allow about 5 minutes for it to take effect and then wash the residue out by spraying again. If necessary, wipe over with a cloth, then re-attach the throttle. In the case of 6-cylinder motors, firstly scratch out the incrustation on the intake manifold with a screwdriver, then clean with Blast it!. Batch quantity/Packaging units Batch quantity: 200ml spray...