Organic Flaxseed Four

High-fiber flour from golden linseed


The organic flaxseed meal is made from golden flaxseed in certified organic quality. The valuable flaxseed flour is partially oiled and naturally rich in fiber. Flaxseed meal supports digestion in a natural way. The fiber it contains and the high protein content make flaxseed meal also very popular in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. With its characteristic, aromatic flavor, with a slightly nutty note, flaxseed flour is very suitable for the preparation of breads and cakes. When baking, about 20% of the amount of cereal flour specified in the recipe can be replaced by organic flaxseed flour. Recommended consumption: For a body weight of 65 kg, a maximum daily consumption of 3 meals of 15 g of organic flaxseed meal is recommended. This product is a controlled organic food according to DE-ÖKO-006.

  • Flour and semolina
  • Flour alternative
  • Organic flaxseed flour
  • linseed organic quality

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28876 Oyten - Germany