With the PB 800 E-Com you are optimally equipped to meet the demands of e-commerce packaging in paper and optionally in film. It is Hugo Beck’s most flexible and efficient machine for these applications. Whether dealing with the direct dispatch of individual goods, packing groups of products or meeting the complex requirements of returned goods packaging, the PB 800 E-Com packs goods with a minimum use of paper or film. Both uncoated and coated paper can be used for producing bags with two glued or sewn sides plus a top overlap. The bag size is automatically adapted to the dimensions of the product during production. Thus, different product sizes can be packaged in a jumble. Furthermore, the machine offers the possibility of storing two paper rolls of different widths. After the product scan, the packaging machine then decides how wide the paper web must be and can select one of the two paper rolls. This minimizes paper waste.

Sealing and wrapping - machinery and equipment
  • E-Commerce paper packaging
  • paper bags for E-Commerce
  • shipping bags

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