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Polifibra is a film specialist based in Limburg an der Lahn. We pack and finish film and insulating materials for use in various industrial fields. Together with our customers, we develop tailored solutions and offer the very best quality. Polifibra is your reliable partner when it comes to film, laminates, caps or sleeves for industrial applications. Take advantage of our many years of experience and our solution-based approach towards meeting your needs. The key factors in our success are the quality of our products and our high degree of flexibility, especially in the implementation of individual customer requirements. The specialist qualifications of our employees, our fast delivery times and the development of innovative solutions complete the profile of our company.

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Caps and stampings we can deliver the most diverse materials. Size, type and form are in this case matched to the customer's wishes and are manufactured according to customer drawings. Sit down just contact us and we will help you in designing a suitable product for your needs. Tubes and tube sections By combining different materials, the applications are widely held. These range from the electrical insulation of components of chemical protection through to thermal protection elements and cables. Depending on customer requirements, our tubes and cores are already manufactured to the desired level and then shipped as cargo.


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In the cable industry films are used particularly suitable for shielding electrical conductor, as a separating and insulating films or moisturizing protection. Thus, polyester films, because of their physical and chemical properties both in data and communication cables as well as power cables used. The high tensile strength, low weight per unit area, a high degree of flexibility and good electrical properties are important criteria for the selection of the film set in the cable production.The permanently constant physical and chemical values of the polyester films, as well as the tight tolerances in the film thicknesses allow the use of POLIFIBRA products even in very demanding end-products in data and power cable area. The polyester film is a transparent, flexible film with excellent mechanical properties. The electrical properties of polyester films are very good, so they come in the field of data and communication cable with a thickness of usually 12µ - 50µ for use.


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Most people are known plastic films to protect food in the household. The POLIFIBRA films GmbH manufactures and assembles polyester and laminated films, which are used because of specific character in different industrial manufacturing sectors. POLIFIBRA provides polyester films with different strongly adhering surfaces. In our product POLI BOND the surface of the PETP film on or treated on both sides in varying degrees. This can be a very significant improvement in the adhesion of coatings to be achieved. POLI BOND can in the film thicknesses 19µ - 350µ are delivered.Different printings require different surfaces. In addition to highly transparent or colored opaque base films we offer here at various coatings that allow easy and quick editing. Seal foils are coated films, the above-defined temperature ranges enable an activation of the coating so as to allow bonding of different products. POLIFIBRA films offers solutions for different temperature ranges and applications.


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Polyester films are usually transparent, flexible and have a high mechanical strength. Polibond is a polyester film with a special transparent matt surface. The chemical primer changes the surface structure of the polyester film and this enables greater adhesion to the surface. The strength of the adhesion can optionally be changed. Polibond has excellent anchorage values ​​for impregnating agents.

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The Warehouse Team

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The new warehouse team of Polifibra Folien GmbH is made up of Christian Gahl and Tim Stecker. These two craftsmen joined Polifibra last year and are now, after a short period of settling-in, fully immersed in their area of responsibility. The two of them truly live the team spirit that is part and parcel of the company: ‘In our warehouse nobody is boss.


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