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Machines and (or) equipment including those used at hazardous industrial facilities, for which types of hazard have been detected and identified, the requirements for elimination and reduction of which are set out according to the Annexes № 1 and № 2 to the regulations. Annexes № 1 and № 2 to the regulations contain basic and supplementary safety requirements for machines and equipment. Used machines and (or) equipment, or those produced for own manufacturers’ needs Component and spare parts to machines used for repair (maintenance) of machines and (or) equipment Machines and (or) equipment meant to maintain integrity and stability of communication networks performance and use of RF spectrum Machines and (or) equipment used for medical purposes and used in direct contact with a patient (Xray, diagnostic, therapeutic, orthopedic, dental, surgical equipment) Machines and (or) equipment specially designed for nuclear energy use area.

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Gas equipment designed for cooking, heating and hot water supply, including equipment as a part of combined devices Modular automatic burners (gasfired and combined) and gasequipment with modular automatic burners for cooking, heating and hot water supply Devices designed to be built in gasusing equipment and operated separately from equipment mentioned above including control, adjustment and safety appliances Steam boilers with steam pressure over 0,07MPa and hot water boilers with water temperature over 115 °С Equipment designed to be used in manufacturing processes at industrial facilities, except for the technical devices included in the list of gasusing equipment in which respect the requirements of TR CU 016/2011 are specified Equipment using gas as motor fuel Requirements of TR CU 016/2011 are set with regard to gasusing equipment listed in Annex № 1 to the Regulations.

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Vessels designed for gases, liquefied gases, dissolved under pressure, for vapors and liquids used for fluids of groups 1 and 2 Boilers intended to produce hot water, temperature of which is over 110 °C or vapor, excessive pressure of which is over 0,05 MPa as well as directfired vessels Pipelines designed for gases, vapors and liquids used for fluids of groups 1 and 2 Equipment elements (assembly units) and components hereto that can withstand pressure Valves designed for equipment with fluids of groups 1 and 2 Indicating and safety devices Pressure chambers (except for medical singleseated ones) Protecting devices and appliances Main pipelines, intrafield and local distribution pipelines intended for transportation of gas, oil and other products except for equipment used at the pressure regulation stations or compressor stations

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Declaration of conformity is a document that certifies conformity of the products being released (released) to the requirements of statutory documents including the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Depending on the scheme applied the products conformity assessment in the form of declaring of conformity is to be performed on the basis of applicant’s own evidence and (or) evidence obtained involving the accredited test laboratory and (or) certification authority. Declaration of conformity has equal legal force with the certificate. At the applicant’s will, if provided for by the technical regulations, declaring can be substituted with certification. declaration of conformity shall be executed on a mandatory basis, the forms of voluntary products conformity declaring do not exist

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POLYTECH Group provides services in the area of quality control and certification of products, advises companies that implement projects in Russia, Kazakhstan, and other EEU countries on technical regulation. The company has been working in the field of conformity assessment since 2013 and offers to organizations its services on quality certification of products, machinery, and installations, and on certification of construction equipment conformity with the applicable standards. POLYTECH Group experts test and examine the quality of products, including those intended for use at hazardous industrial facilities. POLYTECH Group helps manufacturers and importers, engineering companies and operating organizations in supplying industrial equipment to the territory of EEU member states: —develops strategies to certify the quality of packaged units; —performs quality control and certification for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU); —tests and examines the machines and equipment for issuing certificates and declarations of conformity; —prepares technical datasheets, strength designs, and other documents in compliance with the applicable laws; —translates documentation into Russian; —clarifies the provisions of applicable industrial safety standards and regulations. POLYTECH Group helps obtain the necessary certificates, permits, and approvals quickly and at a reasonable price, overcome regulatory barriers.


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Nikitskaya str., 15

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