Plug-in Air Freshener Wicks

Fragrance Delivery


Neutralize home odors with plug-in air freshener wicks Plug-in air fresheners are designed to deliver fragrances quickly. For more intense and consistent fragrance release, Porex developed porous fiber and sintered particle wicks. Specifically designed for plug-in air fresheners, these wicks deliver fragrance from the bottle or container to the heater using capillary action, thereby diffusing fragrance from the wick into the air. Our porous fiber provide an intense fragrance release, while our sintered particle wicks deliver a consistent fragrance release over the life of the air freshener. Both types of wicks are available in many shape options, including 2D shape capability for the porous fiber technology and 3D shape capability for the sintered particle technology. Features Engineered pore/capillary structures Customizable 2D and 3D shapes Color options available Precise control and release of fragrance to meet application needs Materials Offered Advanced porous materials...

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