Toilet Freshener Wicks

Fragrance Delivery


Cleaner scents in bathrooms with toilet freshener wicks A toilet freshener is one of the best ways to ensure bathrooms smell clean and fresh. With our toilet freshener wicks, fragrance and cleaner dispense into the toilet bowl to clean and freshen. Designed to wick fragrance and cleaner from the reservoir to the toilet rim or into the tank with each flush, our toilet freshener wicks: Feature rigid design – Rigid polypropylene structure delivers consistent, long-lasting performance. Are chemically compatible – Polyproylene material has strong resistance to the chemical compounds and solutions typically used for toilet cleaning and freshening. Can be die-cut to shape – POREX® materials can be customized and adapted for different designs of toilet bowl cleaners and fresheners. Features Strong, rigid structure Can withstand harsh toilet cleaner chemicals Materials Offered Advanced porous materials (PP) Formats Available 3D molded shapes 2D die cut shapes request sample ask an engineer

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