For precise and linear measurements in large measurement ranges, high resolution, compact, without rod FEATURES Measurement ranges from 0 ... 100 mm to 0 ... 2000 mm Non-linearity up to 0.05 % F.S. Compact design, without rod Displacement speed up to 10 m/s Service life: >108 movements Areas of application are: Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders Detection of positions on coordinate inspection machines Displacement of plungers, knee levers or extruders Coil and de coil lengths Strokes on chassis Metering strokes Displacement sensors model 8718, using a resistance track made of conductive plastic material, are suitable for direct, accurate and absolute measurements of displacements and lengths. Special processes are applied to give the resistance tracks low friction, low tendency to stick/slip, resistance to abrasion and long-term stability.

  • Sensors
  • position sensor
  • displacement sensor

Product features

Principle Potentiometric
Measuring range 0 … 2000 mm
Signal output Depending on excitation voltage
Protection class IP40
Range of operating temperature -30 ... +100 °C
Supply voltage Max. 50 VDC
Electrical connection 5 pins plug connection
Return spring No

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