For direct and accurate measurement of mechanical displacements, lateral force-free drive, very long life duration, high displacement speed FEATURES Measurement ranges 0 ... 25 mm to 0 ... 150 mm Non-linearity: max. ± 0.05 % Service life: 108 movements Displacement speed: up to 10 m/s Drive free of lateral forces caused by ball joint coupling Integrated cable or plug connection Displacement sensors models 8710 and 8711 with resistance tracks made of conductive plastic material are designed for a direct and accurate measuring of mechanical displacements. A special ball joint coupling is mountable on both ends of the driving rod. Because of this the sensor may be used free of clearance or lateral forces also with angular or parallel misalignment between sensor and measuring device. A special multi-fingered slider provides a good electrical contact also at high adjustment speeds or vibrations.

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  • displacement sensors
  • potentiometer

Product features

Principle Potentiometric
Measuring range 0 … 150 mm
Signal output Depending on excitation voltage
Protection class IP40
Range of operating temperature -30 ... +100 °C
Supply voltage Depending on measuring range
Electrical connection 8710 - 5 pins plug connection
Electrical connection 8711 Integrated connection cable 1 m
Electrical connection 8711 Integrated connection cable 3 m
Electrical connection 8711 Integrated connection cable 5 m
Return spring No

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