Potentiometric displacement sensor - 8719

For precise and linear measurements in large measurement ranges, high resolution


Due to its high resolution also when measuring long distances, linear displacement measurements up to 900 mm can be carried out. Conversions between rotatory and translation movements through ball screws, wire or cord connections and so on are not necessary for direct displacement measurement. Application fields include: —Electromagnets —Deformations - bending —Pneumatic cylinders —Length tolerances —Press-insertions (longitudinal press-fits) —Feed strokes —Machine hubs —Punch, knee lever or extruder distances —Hydraulic cylinders Due to the technology employed in potentiometric displacement sensors, they always operate with a sliding contact system. Special processes are applied to give the resistance tracks low friction, low tendency to stick/slip, resistance to abrasion and long-term stability. The rod is guided in a low-play floating frontal bearing. This absorbs small angular and parallel displacements.

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Product features

Principle Potentiometric
Measuring range 0 … 900 mm
Signal output Depending on excitation voltage
Protection class IP60, IP65, IP67
Range of operating temperature -30 ... +100 °C
Supply voltage Max. 50 VDC
Electrical connection 5 pins plug connection
Electrical connection Integrated connection cable 1 m
Return spring No

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