PROPYLUX® HS products deliver the required attributes for orthopedic applications including biocompatibility, chemical resistance and dimensional stability. Launched in 2004 by Westlake Plastics Europe, PROPYLUX® HS has gained wide acceptance by orthopaedic device manufacturers in Europe. At a similar price point as Pomalux, PROPYLUX® HS offers superior dimensional stability performance when processed through repeated 134°C Prion autoclaving cycles.The material also provides excellent chemical resistance to disinfecting and cleaning solutions and exhibits a very good balance of strength, toughness and ductility. As such, PROPYLUX® HS is well suited for use in applications including trial heads and cups for hip implants, knee provisional trials and impactor applications. The PROPYLUX® HS product line consists of 15 colors and 13 diameters. All colored materials are made with FDA compliant ingredients and the shaped rods have been tested and comply with key parts of ISO 10993.

  • orthopaedic surgery
  • orthopaedics and traumatology
  • surgical instruments