Features Square full cone spray pattern with uniform distribution. Wide spray angle of 90–100° provides large spray coverage. Square full cone spray pattern leaves no gaps in multiple-nozzle arrangements. X-shaped whirler provides large free passage diameter for minimal clogging. a Applications Cleaning: Gas, incinerator fumes, machinery, eliminators, screen, tanks, parts, crushed stones, earth and sand Cooling: Gas, machinery, tanks, steels Spraying: Waste water treatment, foam breaking, fire extinguishing, dust suppression

Nozzles - ferrous metal
  • industrial spraying
  • Spraying systems, industrial
  • nozzles

Product features

Pipe conn. size R 1/8" - R 1/4", Rc 1/8"- Rc 3"
Spray angle 65-100°
Mean droplet diameter 330–1,700 μm
Strainer Not included
Standard pressure 0.2 MPa (ca. 2 bar), 0.35 MPa (ca. 3.5 bar)
Spray capacity 2.00–700 ℓ/min
Air Consumption -
Free passage diameter 0.9–17.1 mm

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Square Spray Nozzles [IKEUCHI]

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