• Light emitting seals (Flat seal with integrated circuit, LED and transient voltage suppression); • Light emitting sockets (LED, with integrated seal and screw, transient voltage protection); These light-emitting Staiger seals and sockets are above all suited for assuring operational readiness of new and existing installations The light-emitting seals and sockets immediately signalize malfunctions and their precise location. This is particularly advantageous in valve cascades or similar systems with high packing density. Your system’s operational readiness is considerably improved by using the electronic components fitted with LEDs. This is an effective measure to consistently reduce required maintenance costs and time. Owing to their low height and standardized connections, the light-emitting seals and sockets may also be installed in retrofitting.

Industrial valves, operating equipment
  • equipment for the electric appliance industry
  • Chemical industry - machinery and equipment
  • industrial equipment

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