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Since 2020, Stella has been offering the services of an industrial molecular distillation unit entirely dedicated to external customers. With its 4 tanks of 15m3 each, this unit offers an extended capacity for the large volumes of our industrial partners. Molecular distillation is a green technology that uses no solvents or chemicals in the treatment and purification of oils, waxes and fats in general.

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Since 2020, Stella has been offering a service dedicated to the treatment of fats of all origins, based on 30 years of experience in purification Here the pilot laboratory unit allows to develop projects and optimize parameters for the transfer to the industrial scale high performance purification of vegetable and animal oils and fats.

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STELLA, a specialst in lanolin treatment and lanolin by-products, carries a wide range of products in different forms aimed at the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We have obtained ISO 9001, GMP ExciPac certifications as a pledge of the quality of our products. In order to diversify its activity, STELLA now offers oil and fat purification service using its versatile and flexible molecular distillation installation (wiped film evaporator and short path evaporator). This highly technical tool keeps STELLA abreast of cutting-edge, most powerful purification technologies all the time. We can identify the most suitable elements for our clients' aims as we operate a customer dedicated pilot molecular distillation unit in tandem. This purification process entails distilling, eliminating or sharply reducing the heavy compounds or molecules in our clients' oils and fats.

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Changement de dénomination sociale

Changement de dénomination sociale

Official Announcement ・ 29 Sept 2021

La société Lanoline Stella SA changera de dénomination pour devenir Stella SA. Cela matérialise l'orientation stratégique de diversification dans le domaine de purification des huiles à façon en complément de notre coeur de métier historique. Notre adresse, coordonnées téléphoniques, bancaires et adresses électroniques de contact restent inchangées.


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Rue des Garennes, 9B

7700 Mouscron - Belgium


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Activities of STELLA

  • Vegetable oils
  • Animal oils and fats
  • Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives
  • Cosmetics
  • Oils - recovery and recycling
  • systems for lanolin extraction
  • molecular distillation units
  • Vegetable Fatty Acid
  • mineral wax
  • Waste oil treatment