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    GERMANY- Wiggensbach
    ALL ORGANIC TREASURES GMBH - Verified by Europages

    All Organic Treasures organic raw materials for natural food and natural cosmetics. Since it was founded in 2003, Allgäu-based family company AOT has been pursuing its vision of making the world more...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | hemp seed oil | coconut oil | grapeseed oil | cocoa butter [+] apricot kernel oil | argan oil | avocado oil | borage seed oil | cranberry seed oil | pomegranate seed oil | rose hip seed oil | elderberry seed oil | macadamia nut oil | almond oil

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    FRANCE- Castelculier
    COPLA - Verified by Europages

    Welcome to COPLA, a company founded in 1955 with unique expertise in our trade, passed down from generation to generation. We are based in Lot-et-Garonne, France, as well as in Portugal and Spain....

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Beeswax | paraffins | silicone oils | manufacturer of natural surface lubricant [+] manufacturer of bio-sourced surface lubricant | certified food grade product | manufacture of natural wax emulsion | manufacture of emulsion from natural waxes | manufacture of aqueous dispersion powder | formulation of chemical products | manufacture of formulated products | dissolution of polymer rubber and resin | chemical product formulation research laboratory | solvent based formula for chemical products

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    GERMANY- Neuss
    C. THYWISSEN GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We are the specialists for innovative raw materials from oilseeds, malt and biodiesel. We have been extracting oils and chemical raw materials, which are found in a third of all everyday products, at...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable oils, cold pressed | cooking oils, vegetable | biodiesel | glycerol [+] rapeseed oil | feeds for pigs | comminution mills | brewing malt | animal feed | lecithin | malt flour | baking producers | specialty foods | caramel malt flour

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    ITALY- Faenza
    TAMPIERI SPA - Verified by Europages

    ...Producer of refined and unrefined edible oils, alcohols, distilled products, grappa and meal for zootechnical uses as well as tartrates; combustible cakes. Leading European producer of grape seed oil.

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable oils | refined bulk vegetable oils | raw or refined vegetable oils for use as fuel cakes | raw or refined vegetable oils for use in zootechnics [+] raw bulk vegetable oils | Feeds for animal farming | Flour and semolina | sunflower oil | corn oil | zootechnical foods | flours for zootechnical foods | biological oils | seed flours | sunflower seed meal

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    GERMANY- Hamburg
    HANSA VITAL GMBH - Verified by Europages

    Since 1992, we have been producing high-quality nutritional supplements for own-brand and contract manufacturing for companies in various areas of healthcare. We procure our capsule shells from world...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable extracts | Protein additives | integrators | amino-acids [+] vitamins | nutraceuticals | contract manufacturing | capsules | encapsulation | hard gelatin capsules | cellulose capsules | collagen | mct oil | c8 oil

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    GERMANY- Kassel
    VETTERTEC GMBH - Verified by Europages

    "VetterTec – an internationally operating company of the Moret Industries Group – is your specialist for drainage and drying systems for the ethanol, brewery, food starch, environment, chemical and...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | organic vegetable oils | Tumble dryers and spin dryers, industrial | water evaporation systems | draining works [+] plants and equipment for breweries | extraction, water, gas, oil - equipment | mechanical conveyors | drying cyclones | driers for the chemical industry | drying systems | tubular bundle dryers | ring dryers | flash dryers | spray dryer

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    FRANCE- Lumio
    ASTRATELLA - Verified by Europages

    Organic and small-scale production of Corsican essential oils, floral waters and massage oils. The GAEC de l’ASTRATELLA, a family-run distillery based in Lumio, Corsica, has been operating for over...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Organic cosmetics | massage oils | essential oils | organic products [+] organic floral waters | manufacturer of floral waters | aromatic hydrolats | massage oils for wrinkle treatment | moisturizing massage oils | healing massage oils | relaxing massage oils | body massage oils | corsican floral waters | organic massage oils

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    IVORY COAST- Abidjan
    PRIME PRESTIGE IMPORT-EXPORT - Verified by Europages

    PRIME PRESTIGE, located in Abidjan in IVORY COAST, is an agrifood company specialised in the national and international raw material trade. We have a supply chain throughout Ivory Coast and...

    Supplier of: Import-export - food and agriculture | International trade consultants | Fair trade | pineapple | coffee [+] food industry | cashew nuts | hevea | import export cashew nuts | import export mangos | kola | import export cola | international trading | agrifood trade | import export rubber

    • Grude coconut oil Grude coconut oil
    • Cashew nuts - Cashew Almonds Cashew nuts - Cashew Almonds
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    GUADELOUPE- Sainte Anne
    CHR CONNECTES - Verified by Europages

    The company CHR Connectées, based in Guadeloupe, specializes in importing sunflower frying oils. Our core business is in the French overseas territories, primarily Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana....

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable oil recycling | edible vegetable oils | bulk sales of vegetable oil | vegetable oil imports [+] Oils - recovery and recycling | Oils and fats, edible | refined sunflower oil | sunflower oil | used oil recovery | special oils | oil | waste oils | various oils | sunflower frying oil

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  • ...offered and presents high-quality, 100% natural vegetable oils, the first cold-pressed sesame, peanut, pumpkin, walnut, pine, grape seed, poppy seed. We also offer fine milled peanut, pumpkin,...

    Supplier of: Unrefined vegetable oils | Vegetable oils | edible vegetable oils | organic vegetable oils | Charcoal [+] Oils and fats, edible | Flour and semolina | Flour-milling | Fuels, solid | flours | coal for home use | groundnut oil | oil | cold squeezing | ecological fire lighters

    • Pine nut oil Pine nut oil
    • Sesame oil Sesame oil
    • Walnut oil Walnut oil
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  • Starting out with small-scale farmers as a pioneer in the cultivation of organic macadamia nuts, LIMBUA is now a world-leading producer of organic macadamias. Through years of experience and...

    Supplier of: Dried fruits | organic products | style 1 – macadamia nuts whole kernels > 16 mm | organic macadamia | style 2 – macadamia nuts mixed whole and half kernels [+] organic macadamia nut/nuts | organic macadamia pieces | organic macadamia fragments | organic raw food | organic macadamia flour | ketogenic nutrition | organic macadamia pulp | organic roasted macadamia nuts | organic roasted salted macadamia nuts | low carb

    • Organic Avocado Oil Organic Avocado Oil directly from the producer
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    RUSSIA- Kropotkin
    YUZHNY POLYUS - Verified by Europages

    ...oil plant is a manufacturer of edible oils and fats, vegetable oil, namely refined sunflower oil from Krasnodar Region. Yuzhny Polyus produces: —sunflower oil "Yuzhny Polyus" for frying, with neutral flavor and without fragrance; —sunflower oil of the highest grade...

    Supplier of: Unrefined vegetable oils | Vegetable oils | edible vegetable oils | vegetable products | Oils and fats, edible [+] Dietary and organic foods | ORGANIC FARMING | Agricultural Production | aromatic soil | dietetic foods | edible vegetable fats | foodstuffs - import/export | edible oils and fats | seed oils | oil cultures

    • Sunflower oil Sunflower oil Refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil, top grade “Krasnodarskoe Otbornoe”
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    FRANCE- Bessancourt
    LE MANTINDJAN - Verified by Europages

    LE MANTINDJAN is a French company. We are wholesalers and suppliers of Shea butter, cocoa butter, palm oil, palm wine (Sodabi) and peanut oil. All our products are of high biological quality and...

    Supplier of: Unrefined vegetable oils | Vegetable oils | ORGANIC FARMING | Agriculture - import-export | palm oil [+] groundnut oil | cocoa butter | cocoa oil and fat | organic farming | shea butter | plant-based raw materials | wholesale plant oils | palm wine | organic plant oils | organic raw materials

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    FRANCE- Port Vendres
    SOMEFIL FRANCE - Verified by Europages

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Food - import-export | oil for food use | oil | refined sunflower oil [+] sunflower oil | sunflower

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    EGYPT- Giza
    GANETELZOHOR - Verified by Europages

    ...among others. Moreover, we produce rice, flour, oil as well as several varieties of ornemental plants and flowers. We have the best farms in the country and follow the latest farming methods. This allows us to...

    Supplier of: fruit & vegetables | export of vegetables | fresh vegetables | Garlic | Citrus fruits [+] Grapes | Fruits and vegetables - import-export | fresh parsley | sunflower oil | courgettes | pepper | tomatoes | fresh fruit | peaches | lemons


    • Refined sunflower oil Refined sunflower oil Cooking oil
    • Egyptian  cabbage Egyptian cabbage Green
    • Leafy vegetables Leafy vegetables " GANETELZOHOR "
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    RUSSIA- Varna Village
    TPK VARNA, LLC - Verified by Europages

    "TPK" Varna" LLC is a foods company specializing in supplying of food products of the following trademarks: - "Tsar" Pasta, Flour, Groats, Multigrain flakes, Instant flakes, Porridge, Oat...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable products | Food - import-export | Pasta | Flour and semolina [+] Dietary and organic foods | Breakfast cereals | Cereals and grains | Oils and fats, edible | healthy meal | healthy and natural food | cereal middlings | cereal semolinas | linseed oil | macaroni

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    SPAIN- Murcia
    ROYAL BIO - Verified by Europages

    ...different vegetable oils, essential oils, butters, waxes, plant extracts, alcohol, glycerine, aloe vera, herbal distillates, exfoliants, seeds, dried plants, spices, etc. Our comprehensive...

    Supplier of: cosmetic vegetable oils | Organic cosmetics | natural cosmetics | essential oils | jojoba oils [+] cosmetic oils | manufacturer of vegetable extracts | virgin almond oil | castor oil | castor oils | manufacturer of floral waters | organic argan oil | natural oils for the cosmetics industry | natural oils for food processing | natural extracts for the cosmetics industry

    • Hydroglycerin Extract Of Arnica Hydroglycerin Extract Of Arnica
    • Natural Tocopherol Natural Tocopherol
    • Karanja Vegetable Oil Karanja Vegetable Oil
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    FRANCE- Paris
    MANUFACTER FATIR - Verified by Europages

    Food wholesaler serving the trade and importer of natural, pure, organic, and Ecocert-, FDA- and USDA-certified products. Our products come directly from our 3 plants in Morocco, Guinea and Côte...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | organic vegetable oils | edible vegetable oils | seed oil | organic argan oil [+] biological oils | oil for food use | palm-kernel oils | palm oil | frozen fish export | frozen fish | saffron | maize | cocoa butter | cocoa beans

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    BELGIUM- Mouscron
    STELLA - Verified by Europages

    STELLA, a specialst in lanolin treatment and lanolin by-products, carries a wide range of products in different forms aimed at the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. We have obtained ISO 9001,...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | purification of vegetable oils and fats | Animal oils and fats | Cosmetics industry - machinery and equipment | Chemistry, organic - raw materials and derivatives [+] Cosmetics | Oils - recovery and recycling | systems for lanolin extraction | molecular distillation units | vegetable fatty acid | mineral wax | waste oil treatment | mineral oils | lanolin | molecular distillation

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    GERMANY- Eresing
    W. ULRICH GMBH - Verified by Europages

    We distribute high-quality raw materials for the cosmetics, food, technology and pharmaceuticals industry worldwide: Aloe vera, malic acid, apricot kernel oil, argan oil, avocado butter, avocado oil,...

    Supplier of: Oils and resinoids | Olive oil | castor oil | tannins | lactic acid [+] jojoba oils | rose hip seed oil | tragacanth | xanthan gum | coconut oil | almond oil | benzoic acid | kalonji oil | potassium sorbate | natural waxes

    • Peanut oil Peanut oil
    • Wheat germ oil Wheat germ oil
    • Hazel nut oil Hazel nut oil
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    UKRAINE- Vill. Vlasivka, Svitlovodsk, Kirovograd Region
    PRIVATE ENTERPRISE VIKTOR & K - Verified by Europages

    Private Enterprise "Viktor and K" launched its commercial mayonnaise and sunflower oil production back in 2002. Over the entire business history of the company, we have owed our success and ongoing...

    Supplier of: edible vegetable oils | Sauces | mayonnaise | refined sunflower oil | tomato sauce [+] ketchup | mustard | sunflower oil | roasted seeds | soybean oils | tomato ketchup

    Brands : Korolivskiy Smak | Chuguev Extra | Kukhar Rishelie

    • Refined Soyben Oil Refined Soyben Oil Bottled Refined Soyben Oil from Producer (Ukraine)
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    BELGIUM- Flemalle
    ROYALE LACROIX - Verified by Europages

    Since 1930 Royale Lacroix has provided margarines and fats for the dining table, cooking and for professionals, including the food industry, biscuits, confectionery, traditional and industrial bread...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Margarine | Oils and fats, edible | organic margarine | oil for food use [+] organic margarine | conventional vegetable margarine producer | organic vegetable margarine producer | raw materials for bakeries | raw materials for cake patisseries | raw materials for food industries | cooking margarine | table margarine | cooking fats

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    BELGIUM- Bruxelles
    DANO FOOD-DELIBELGE® - Verified by Europages

    DANO FOOD is a trusted Belgian producer/manufacture of dairy and food .We serve the export needs of a global clientele across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. DANO FOOD produce :...

    Supplier of: Powdered and condensed milk | Dairy products | Sauces | uht milk | whole milk [+] evaporated milk | condensed milk | mayonnaise | baby foods | palm oil | powdered milk | milk for babies | baby milk stage 1-2-3

    Brands : DéliBelge

    • DéliBelge Cooking Oil DéliBelge Cooking Oil Cooking Oil
    • DéliBelge Cooking Oil DéliBelge Cooking Oil Cooking Oil
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    BELGIUM- Awirs-Flemalle
    AIGREMONT - Verified by Europages

    MASTER MARGARINE MANUFACTURER SINCE 1934. A 100% family business, s.a. Aigremont n.v. is specialised in the manufacture of margarines and fats. The expertise we provide our clients comes from our...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Margarine | Oils and fats, edible | edible animal fats | lard [+] packing machines | fats | food lubricant | release agent | beef fat | margarine manufacturer | green energy | master margarine manufacturer | cooking fat manufacturer

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    TOGO- Baguida-Lomé
    OPPAM TOGO - Verified by Europages

    Togo's Organisation to Promote Aromatic & Medicinal Plants exports oil, butter and dried plants. Our oils and butters are cosmetic and food quality. All our "quality cold pressed" virgin oils and...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Herbs and plants for cooking | medicinal plants | supplier of extra virgin olive oils | pure and natural oils [+] virgin oils for cosmetic and food industries | virgin butter for cosmetic and food industries | pure and natural virgin butter | supplier of dried raw plants | cut and sifted dried plants | extra virgin oil exports | pure and natural butter exports | dried raw plant exports | non-modified virgin oils

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    TURKEY- Kocaeli
    BEYAZLAR GROUP - Verified by Europages

    ...and soaps. From message cream to personal care oils, we are continuously evolving as a major brand in herbal products in a global market. Today, the company exports its products to various parts of the...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Food supplements | Cosmetics | herbal teas | soaps [+] herbal products | herbal cosmetics | coconut oil | propolis | honey and propolis | soap bar manufacture | herbal cream | black cumin oil | rose water

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  • Antico Frantoio Tavian is one of Italy’s oldest olive mills. Since 1724, our family has handed on the knowledge and tradition that come from centuries of experience in working with natural products....

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | agricultural products | olives | extra virgin olive oil | oil soaps [+] oleic acids | biological oils | casting separating agents | harness oil | moulding lubricants

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    MOROCCO- Agadir
    NOPALEX - Verified by Europages

    We market organic and plant-based products whose effects are beneficial to health and well-being. "Perle de cactus" comes from Morocco. This natural, pure, organic product is Prickly Pear seed oil....

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | biological oils | organic products | hair oils | prickly pear oil [+] prickly pear seed oil | oil for cosmetics | oil for the skin | oil for the hands | oil for the nails | prickly pear seed oil | natural beauty oils | natural treatment oils | organic prickly pear seed oil

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    FRANCE- Brie Comte Robert
    FRANCE DISTRIBUTION - Verified by Europages

    We have launched our distribution brand SAINT MAURICE. We started out with sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil and wheat flour. SAINT MAURICE oils are...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | Food - import-export | sunflower oil | refined sunflower oil | corn oil [+] olive oil | extra virgin olive oil | extra virgin organic olive oil | cooking oils | rapeseed oil producer | mediterranean oil producer | special frying oil supplier | wheat flour | soft drink sales

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  • COMMERCIAL COMPANY WITH OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THE FOLLOWING SECTORS: rubber, tanning, purifiers, detergents, soap making, laboratories, skin-beauty, lubricants, paper, paint, fine chemistry,...

    Supplier of: Vegetable oils | vegetable extracts | biological oils | refined oils | powdered oils [+] processed oils | fish oils

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